Action Refund Review – Complete Guide to Chargebacks

Online Fraud

Becoming the victim of an online scam is a difficult process. Victims can lose thousands of dollars to these scams, and it isn’t immediately clear where to turn. Often, banks or credit card companies will point the finger at the victims. Unfortunately, this discourages victims, and they start to believe that their money is gone for good.

Our Action Refund review checks out one of the options that victims have to recover their lost money. Action Refund provides chargeback services for victims of all types of online fraud, guiding them through a carefully tested and effective process that could be their best chance for a refund. We delve deeper into what clients can expect when dealing with Action Refund.

Which Victims Can Turn to Action Refund for Help?

The victims of any online scam where they’ve lost money can benefit from contacting Action Refund. While there are certain limitations on who they can help, their representatives offer free consultations to find out if your case is a good fit. They always make sure that a case is well suited for the chargeback process before proceeding to ensure that they don’t waste anyone’s time.

In general, our Action Refund review found that the company primarily handles online investment scams. This isn’t because chargebacks are only suitable for this kind of scam, but because they are so widespread that there are more victims than from other cons.

Online investment scams involve scammers pretending to be online brokers. Many legitimate brokers provide platforms for investors to buy a wide variety of different assets. Unfortunately, there are just as many if not more scam brokers who are just out to steal money from investors.

The tactics that scam brokers use to entice victims lend themselves well to the areas of forex, contracts for differences (CFDs), binary options, and cryptocurrencies. The most significant factor is that all these assets are seen as high-risk, high-reward investments. They provide an opportunity for traders to make money very quickly, which is what new investors like to hear.

Because they’re high-risk, regulators have strict rules for what actual brokers can do. This means limits on leverage to mitigate risk, bans against bonuses that attract new investors who don’t understand the risks, and requirements for identity verification and in which countries they can offer investments.

How Victims Lose Their Money

For a new investor who just wants to make a lot of money fast, these protections look like obstacles. Unfortunately, an unregulated, illegitimate broker ignores these rules. Investors think they are gaming the system by avoiding regulations, but they’re just signing up for a scam.

Once they sign up, they make their initial deposit and start trading. If they go down to zero, the scam broker calls them up and encourages them to invest more money, often offering “expert” advice. If the victims do build up some profits, the scam brokers deny any withdrawal requests and keep the money.

Action Refund Review – Getting Started

Now that they realize the broker is a scam, victims should call into Action Refund right away. There are time limits on chargebacks for some payment methods, and victims have nothing to gain by waiting. Once they call in, the team at Action Refund starts going through their tested system for getting a successful refund.

During our Action Refund review, we tried out their free consultation. It was effortless to get started, and their representatives only required some basic information about the scam. They asked how much money was lost, the nature of the website where we lost the funds when the fraud took place, and a few more questions. The free consultation was quick and convenient, and there was no obligation to proceed further.

Based on industry knowledge from their expert team, Action Refund evaluates each scam case to measure its chance of success. A big part of what they do is deciding which claims can succeed. They’ve built up substantial knowledge in this area over the years and have a high success rate because they choose suitable cases. They aren’t going to string along anyone when there isn’t a real chance of getting their money back.

After that, they work with the client to collect all the necessary paperwork. A chargeback has specific requirements, so the correct documents are required. Again, this process was speedy and straightforward. The representative was always clear on why they needed each individual record.

The team makes a last attempt to contact the scammers. To make sure chargebacks aren’t abused, banks require proof that victims sought a refund directly from the scammer first. On occasion, the scammers do hand over the money when confronted by a reputable company like Action Refund. But, more often, this serves as the final justification to approve the chargeback.

The final step is filing the chargeback and waiting for your refund. The process is open and upfront from start to finish and doesn’t require any finance or law expertise on the client’s part.

What We Learned About Action Refund

There’s no question about it. Our Action Refund review has shown us that this is a reliable chargeback company to work with. They really seem to know their stuff and have the results to prove it. Victims can call in to find out just what Action Refund can do for them with a free consultation.


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