Northwest Fire Region – June 17, 2021 Wildfire Update

Wildfire Season - Waterbomber

Thunder Bay Wildfire Update – Warm temperatures and high winds have escalated wildland fire hazard conditions to an extreme to high hazard throughout most of the region today.

Northwest Region 

  • Seven new fires were discovered in the northwest region by the late afternoon of June 17.
    • Thunder Bay 45 was located approximately 15 kiliometres north of Shabaqua Corners. The 0.1 hectare fire has been called out.
    • Red Lake 38 is located west of Hornblendite Lake, approximately 72 kilometres northwest of Red Lake. The 1.0 hectare fire is being held.
    • Fort Frances 43 is located near the north shore of Kishkutena Lake, approximately 53 kilometres north of Fort Frances. The 2.5 hectare fire is being held.
    • Fort Frances 44 is located near Pipestone Lake, approximately 58 kilometres north of Fort Frances. The 5.0 hectare fire, which received aerial suppression this afternoon, is not under control.
    • Fort Frances 45 is located near Marl Lake, approximately 57 kilometres northwest of Fort Frances. The 5.0 hectare fire is not under control and received aerial suppression this afternoon.
    • Sioux Lookout 16 is located near Obustiga Lake, approximately 48 kilometres north of Pickle Lake. The 0.4 hectare fire is not under control.
    • Dryden 43 is located near Paddy Lake, approximately 30 kilometres southwest of Ignace. The 0.2 hectare fire is not under control.
  • At the time of this update there were 30 active fires in the northwest region. Nine fires were not under control, five fires were being held, seven fires were under control and 10 fires were being observed. Three fires were called out today.
  • To see the fire hazard near you, consult the interactive fire map at

Restrictions due to forest fire activity in Nipigon District 

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry – Nipigon District, is advising the public that due to forest fire activity in the Nipigon area from the Nipigon fires 7 and 8, an Implementation Order is in effect that restricts access and use of certain roads and Crown lands. All travel, use and access to the following areas are prohibited unless authorized by a travel permit issued by the Nipigon District Ministry Of Natural Resources and Forestry. All roads north of the Camp 81 Road/Devious Lake junction and west of the Camp 81 Road/John Ahl Road/Hainsworth Road junction; including Weatherall Lake Road, Cosgrave Lake Road, Seahorse Lake Road and Foam Lake Road.

All use or occupation of Crown land on or within 500 metres of the described closed roads above is prohibited. For information on how to obtain a travel permit please contact the Nipigon District office (807) 853-1322. View the map.

Follow Ontario’s Outdoor Burning Regulations 

Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services would like to remind the public to use caution when performing any outdoor burning. In order to dispose of yard waste and woody debris, we encourage you to use methods such as composting or using your local landfill. If you must burn, follow Ontario’s outdoor burning regulations.

Fires are to be ignited no sooner than 2 hours before sunset and extinguished no later than 2 hours after sunrise.

Always have tools/water adequate to contain the fire at the site.

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