How To Talk To Any Girl You Find Attractive


Chatting to people you find attractive can be hard – however here are some tips to make it a lot easier.

 Talk With Confidence

Girls love confident men, especially when they know how to communicate well and talk in a friendly way. It is unfortunate, but we’re all guilty of bad habits such as swearing, mumbling or simply talking non-stop. Fortunately, these habits are ones that you can learn to counteract with better habits and pure confidence.

Make sure you have a lively voice but talk in a manner befitting your personality. If you’re ever curious about what you sound like in real life to others, record yourself on your phone. If you don’t like what you hear, practice talking in a different way that suits you better.

This is not to say that if you like a girl you shouldn’t approach her. In fact, if your intentions are true, just approach her with a smile and try to make the conversation flow naturally.

 Know Your Worth

How are girls supposed to feel about you if you’re unsure of yourself? Think of approaching the opposite sex much like a commercial where you try to sell a new product. Would you buy this product? More importantly, the way you act, is it selling your “brand”?

Don’t make approaching a girl awkward or feel out of place. You should use a sense of familiarity in your interactions, and of course, keep your tone light and positive. Act in a way that shows that you deserve the attention of the person, and more so to the point, you’re worthy of their time and affection.

The fact that you’re even contemplating walking up to a woman you like already puts you well above the average guy. Most never gather the courage at all!

Keep Eye Contact

Not only is keeping eye contact during your conversation respectful, but it shows the woman you’re genuine with your words. Doesn’t a compliment sound more honest when you make eye contact?

It is also true that eye contact can lead to other things such as kissing later on. A suggestive glance or a wink are never missed when your eyes are locked together. The moment you can make eye contact, a girl knows you mean business. Try dating a female escort to practice your dating skills and become more confident without the pressure.

 Ask Open Ended Questions

Yes or no questions end any conversation before it even begins. You want a meaningful interaction with a woman, which is why you need to ask questions that require at least a sentence response. This can help keep the ball rolling.

Ask questions about what she’s celebrating at the club, or what brought her here in the first place. Anything where you can open the door for a longer conversation or set yourself up for another question is a great way to go. Plus, asking open ended questions about a woman makes her feel like you genuinely care about her opinions and feelings.

Most people are social, but you don’t have to become the most outgoing alpha male in order to attract interest. What women are mainly curious about is whether you have the ability to survive in a social setting and how you can hold your ground in the real world.

 Let Her Do The Talking

Girls know more than what guys give them credit for, and they can sense a cookie cutter conversation you borrowed from a dating blog. However, as most successful men in a relationship already know, women love talking about themselves.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that girls are self-absorbed and uncaring, but rather, everyone has an easier time talking about themselves. Give her the space to talk about herself and this will help you connect and develop a more meaningful conversation.

The real idea behind this exercise is to show how genuine you are and how good of a listener you can become when necessary. When you make the opposite sex feel confident and special, they like you more

Laughter Is A Great Icebreaker

Perhaps the easiest way to make an unforgettable connection is to show a girl a good sense of humor. If you demonstrate having the ability to make light of any situation and infuse a jovial air into the conversation, it makes you a much better potential partner.

Try sharing embarrassing or funny stories. Maybe use the environment you’re in to mention something genuinely funny. Please refrain from inappropriate or rude humor as it is not popular with the ladies.

Consider developing a quick story that you can tell virtually any girl you meet. You’ll feel confident in your interaction, and if you get a smile or a laugh, it invites you to keep going. Ask funny this or that questions, or even poke fun at pop culture that normally people enjoy.

Let the girl use her imagination and embellish the story if necessary. Getting playful makes it appropriate to physically touch or accidentally bump elbows.

How It Ends Depends On You

Some people are natural-born talkers and they find interacting with the opposite sex easy. Having a carefree yet confident demeanor is what will set you apart from the crowd, but sometimes, it is hard to come up with a subject for conversation that leads to something more. The idea is to get closer to the girl you want to get with, which is why you should sneak attack some touching if possible.

**Never touch someone, even playfully, unless they’re sending you the message that it’s okay to do so.

Bear in mind that talking at an event may not always lead to the next level. However, if you have been talking for quite some time, there’s a good chance that she is interested in you. This means you can likely walk away with her phone number!


It is important that you’re transparent during your interaction and your intentions are clear. Knowing how to stand your ground during a conversation while also leading it in the right direction is the most sought after skill a guy can have.


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