Breeze Maxx Portable AC Reviews – Best Portable Air Conditioner?


    Undoubtedly, every summer becomes hard to bear if one does not own an excellent working air-conditioner. And especially, they know how summers get on their nerves like anything for those who live in Asia. Asian countries face scorching summers, but since the climate has started to change worldwide, the other continents that once used to be coldest now have to experience unbearable summers.

    To beat the heat in summers, people opt for many ways to feel lighter than ever, be it light and lose summer-type clothing or cold drinks; they try to have it all. However, just adapting to these summer specialties does not leave people at ease. Ever since the air conditioners have arrived, every person tries to get one when the summer comes, but most of these machines are out of budget due to hefty prices during the season.

    Well, one such machine has arrived in the market recently, which goes easy on customers’ pockets and works wonders during summers. The market name of the new portable air conditioner is Breeze Maxx. The machine is a small and easy-to-carry AC that users can carry anywhere. Besides, it does not demand its users for much electricity and 24/7 maintenance. Unlike other ACs, it is cheaper.

    This non-biased review contains valuable and helpful information on Breeze Maxx portable AC that will help readers in making a sensible decision whether they should buy the machine or not.

    Breeze Maxx – Introduction

    Here is good news for the people who are always traveling, constantly moving from one place to another, that Breeze Maxx has arrived to make their summers lighter than ever. Understandably, they cannot carry their heavy room coolers or ACs everywhere they go. That sounds impossible; therefore, the market has introduced Breeze Maxx for portable use. Being a portable machine is one specularity. It has many excellent features that attract buyers towards it.

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    Beating the scorching summer heat does not require heavy payments anymore; people do not have to go for expensive AC that costs them exorbitant electricity bills. With Breeze Max, not only do they have a solution for beating the heat, that too in a low-budget, but also at cheaper electricity rates. As mentioned earlier, it is a very small-sized portable AC that comes with a charging cable. The machine also contains special instructions that buyers may want to look into before they start using it. However, the machine is straightforward and easy to use, and people do not need to read the instructions.

    Breeze Maxx – Specifications

    Breeze Maxx’s specifications have attracted many people, and for those who still are unaware of the fantastic specs it has, here is a compact list below;

    • It contains a water tank that can fill water up to 380 ml.
    • The outer body of Breeze Maxx contains silica gel.
    • Buyers can set the speed of Breeze Maxx’s motor at low speed, i.e., 2200 rpm, medium speed, i.e., 3100 rpm, and high speed, i.e., 3600 rpm.
    • The air cooler weighs around 776g, according to the official Breeze Maxx’s website.
    • It comes as one model currently, which is WT-F10.

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    Why has Breeze Maxx gained a significant audience in a short span?

    There are always a few reasons for a machine’s success, and buyers must know what they are buying. They must know whether their purchased product would help them or not. As mentioned earlier, Breeze Maxx is a great alternative to extremely expensive air conditioners that are difficult to carry. Besides easy carriage and low prices, Breeze Maxx saves users’ electricity and does not pay hefty electricity bills.

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    Here is a collection of remarkable features that Breeze Maxx offers, and presumably, these are the features that the machine has got people’s attention in a brief span.

    • Economical machine

    The primary concern regarding buying electronic items is always their cost. When it comes to heavy machines like AC, generators, microwave ovens, washing machines, etc., one would always have a specific budget, and he cannot buy a thing if it does not lie under his budget. Undoubtedly, the scorching summers become unbearable at some point every year, and people who still do not own an AC, begin to think about buying one.

    However, not everyone can afford costly ACs. Therefore, the Breeze Maxx portable AC is the savior for all. According to the official website, the prices are low, hence affordable by common people. Moreover, Breeze Maxx is cost-effective in terms of the purchasing price. And that it saves electricity, and people can save much power which they cannot while using any other AC.

    • Portable – easy to carry

    As mentioned earlier, Breeze Maxx is a small machine that people can carry anywhere with them. Usually, ACs are so vast and heavy that people are unable to carry them anywhere, they can enjoy the freshness and cool air at one confined place, be it their home or elsewhere. Not to forget, these huge ACs also consume a lot of electricity and depend entirely on electric power to work, but they do not function.

    However, when it comes to Breeze Maxx AC, it possesses easy carriage and is portable, that is, chargeable. Buyers only need to charge it as instructed and can enjoy the refreshing air all day long.

    • LED screen – adjustable

    Breeze Maxx portable AC comes with a LED screen on it. However, the screen can disturb a user’s sleep during the night owing to the LED lights. But, the good news is, these LED lights and their power is adjustable. The user can set it to low at night to have a sound sleep without being disturbed by brilliant lights on the screen.

    Moreover, when the AC’s charging declines or drops very low, the LED screen blinks to indicate that the user can recharge this fantastic device.

    • Noiseless AC

    Most ACs might give people the freshness and cool air they want, but they cannot provide them with a night of peaceful sleep. Why? Well, mostly, these ACs contain such huge and heavy motors on the inside that they keep on producing irritating sounds and therefore do not allow people to have some sound sleep.

    According to the official Breeze Maxx’s website, this exceptional portable AC does not contain a sound of more than 40 DB, making it one of the top choices when it comes to buying a good AC.

    • Germ – free cool air

    One of the unique features that Breeze Maxx offers is pure and germ-free air. The portable AC contains a filtering mechanism that allows users to enjoy fresh, pure, dust-free, and germ-free air. Not having an efficient filtering system can become a cause of rejection of ACs in the market. Therefore since the Breeze Maxx AC guarantees fresh air, it has gathered many buyers.

    • Roomy – unlike other coolers

    The appropriate design of this fantastic portable AC speaks for itself. It is pretty spacious in terms of water tank capacity. On the right side of the machine, it has got a large water tank that can store water up to nearly 380 ml, as mentioned earlier. The water tank is spacious but easy to remove to take it out and put it back again after cleaning. Most of the huge, difficult-to-carry ACs contain complex designs that it is not even easy to clean their tanks when necessary.


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    Breeze Maxx – functions

    Most of the ACs in the market can provide the buyers with only fans and nothing else. However, Breeze Maxx stands out among all because it possesses excellent functions and features. Some of the efficient functions of Breeze Maxx are as under;

    • Fan

    There are times when users might not want to use the cooler of the machine. All they may want is just simple, fresh air. Well, with Breeze Maxx, it is not difficult. If users wish to use the fan only, they can turn on the machine by putting it in the electric socket. No need to mention that if one uses the fan only, it will not consume electricity. However, the fan can only provide normal fresh air and not chilly air.

    • Air cooler

    Of course, one is going to buy Breeze Maxx Air Cooler owing to its air-cooling ability. As mentioned earlier, the portable machine contains a water tank that converts the water into fresh, cool air using the evaporation effect. The air cooler of Breeze Maxx gives out tiny drops of water, which cools the air in the surrounding of the AC. The air cooler is a very critical part of Breeze Maxx.

    • Humidifier

    The humidifying ability of Breeze Maxx adds an extra bit to its shine. Usually, humidity makes the weather hotter, but it allows users to enjoy a cooler sense of feeling in a hot dry weather when it comes to the humidifier part of Breeze Maxx. Users can add extra water into their water tank, converting it into fresh, chilled air, as mentioned earlier.

    • Filtration of air

    The most important aspect of an AC is whether it contains an air filtration system or not. Several ACs in the market do not contain such systems, while air filtration functions may not lie under the buyer’s budget. Breeze Maxx makes sure that users receive not only chilled air but cleaned/filtered as well. The system is built-in in the machine, and buyers do not have to go an extra mile to enable the machine’s filtration system.

    Get to know how Breeze Maxx works

    Breeze Maxx makes sure that users must get what they bought the machine. It provides the users with everything mentioned regarding the machine and proves that the user’s money was worth it. Using its different features and functions ensures the provision of the best experience to users.

    The water tank works effectively, given that the user fills it adequately as per his need. As mentioned earlier, the machine converts the water into tiny droplets of water, becoming calm and fresh air. Such conversion has become possible due to evaporation. However, this conversion consumes a greater magnitude of electric power than just the fan would do. Therefore, if users wish to enjoy fresh and not chilled air, they can turn on the fan. Moreover, the machine would not consume a great magnitude of electricity if users utilize the fan only.

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    As mentioned above, Breeze Maxx also means to provides buyers with fresh and filtered air, which means the machine ensures that users are receiving clean, germ-free, and dust-free air. That indicates how Breeze Maxx prioritizes user’s health as well. Besides, when the weather becomes scorching and dry, Breeze Maxx utilizes its humidifying abilities to provide the user with chilled and humid air.

    How to use Breeze Maxx? – a short guide

    As mentioned earlier in the review, that buying Breeze Maxx and using it is no rocket science. Buyers do not need to call a professional person to get their machine started. However, buyers should follow a few basic instructions to start using their Breeze Maxx portable AC appropriately.

    Let’s begin with switching on the portable Breeze Maxx AC, which requires the users to take the machine’s cable and put it inside the nearest electric socket. Once the users switch on the socket, the machine’s LED screen should blink. Besides, the fan should start working as well!

    However, if the users wish to use the air cooler, they must fill the water tank. Filling Breeze Maxx’s water tank is relatively easy and straightforward. However, it requires opening the upper lid by unscrewing it. Opening the top lid of the water tank helps pull out the water tank so that the users can fill it. Moreover, they have to unscrew the fan cover to remove the water curtain to remove the fan’s water. However, draining the fan water requires tilting the machine at around a 45-degree angle.

    Besides, users can adjust the settings of the machine as per desire. Using air cooler, fan, humidifier, or anything is available at their finger’s one touch.

    Breeze Maxx – where to buy?

    Not only Breeze Maxx, but it would be best if people buy anything that they want from an official and authentic website and not through any resellers. It saves them from scams. People who wish to buy Breeze Maxx must get it from the official Breeze Maxx’s website, which guarantees reliability.

    Here’s a quick overview about the pricing of Breeze Maxx portable AC;

    • One Breeze Maxx portable AC = 89.99$.
    • Two Breeze Maxx portable AC = 85.49$ (for each AC.)
    • Three Breeze Maxx portable AC = 80.99$ (for each AC.)
    • Four Breeze Maxx portable AC = 76.49$ (for each AC.)
    • Five Breeze Maxx portable AC = 71.99$ (for each AC.)

    The prices mentioned above are from Breeze Maxx’s official website. It is evident from the list above that if people wish to have Breeze Maxx portable AC, they must buy these in bulk so that they save a good amount of money. Else buying single AC would nearly cost them the same as other ACs in the market.

    Final Verdict

    It seems like Breeze Maxx portable AC is a great alternative to extremely expensive ACs available in the market. On the one hand, it saves people a lot of money, while on the other hand, it ensures the provision of fresh, chilled, and filtered air when adequately charged. Breeze Maxx portable AC ensures to make scorching summer’s heat bearable, that too at a low cost. However, people should consider buying it only through the official website.

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