Starting Small, Mr. Narsi Grewal Has Now Become A Reputed Name In The Entrepreneurial World

Mr. Narsi Grewal
Mr. Narsi Grewal

For a person to be successful, their desire to succeed must be greater than their fear of failure. It all just depends on one’s inclination towards getting started. Even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This is what Mr. Narsi Grewal, a successful entrepreneur believes in. Being born in a village in Haryana, he has always been a down-to-earth person. Understanding the value of mother earth and possessing the will to do anything for the soil that feeds us, Mr. Narsi Grewal joined the Army Medical Corps in 1985. He even served during the Kargil War to fulfill his duty towards his nation and do something great for it. After working in the army for years, he was introduced to an influencer program in November 2002. A newcomer in this industry, Mr. Narsi Grewal was a bit skeptical about stepping into an industry whose concept was still very new. But instead of backing out, he decided to put in his efforts and give this new venture a try.

It has been rightly said, “The key to success is to start before you’re ready”. Mr. Narsi Grewal can be considered the biggest example of a person who, rather than jilting; set out to start a business that he knew nothing about. Working hard day and night, he gained as much knowledge of the field as possible. His determination towards acing whatever work he set his mind and soul into kept him moving forward and achieving everything that he desired. Mr. Narsi Grewal used his entrepreneurial spirit to learn every aspect of the business world and made his company become one of the top-ranked organizations nationwide. He further used his skills to build his channel of distributors with the people who are successful names in the sales market.

Mr. Narsi Grewal has been training newcomers in the industry and helping them become efficient in their line of work. To secure his future and that of others around him, he has been working with his most profound strategy; to train and guide others through an organized education system, using the help of literature, starter kits, training seminars, and mobile applications. A frequent traveler, Mr. Narsi Grewal has been aiming at constructing one’s financial gain independent of their ability to complete a given work. Even when being off from work, his company incorporates a constant flow of cash, attributable to the right arrangement that he structured. This vision of his to duplicate him to earn wealth is something that has made him stand out amongst others. Even during the time of the Coronavirus pandemic, when the world was in chaos, Mr. Narsi Grewal managed to make profits and strengthen his business.

From being a leading sales and marketing strategist and trainer of business networking to co-authoring the best selling ‘Pragati Sutra’, these are not the only achievements of Mr. Narsi Grewal. He is also a motivational speaker who has been blessed with Rs.800 crore annual sales turnover through a distribution network, co-founder of Success Support System (an education system), Responsible Business Leadership Award by the Asian-African Chamber of Commerce & Industry. With the fervor to empower others to satisfy their dreams through entrepreneurship and guiding them with the coaching tools that can facilitate one’s business for decades, Mr. Narsi Grewal has also been working with his sons to improve their ventures and achieve new heights.

Connect with Narsi Grewal on Instagram – @narsigrewal and on Facebook – @narsigrewalofficial

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