Faheem Rahiman: A Musical Jewel In The Indian Music Industry

Faheem Rahiman
Faheem Rahiman

Faheem Rahimanis a widely recognized name in the music industry. Working backstage he has supported several successful shows and performances. His talent and contribution in the field of music-making have promoted the Indian Music Industry in all parts of the world. Faheem Rahimanis a line producer known for making music videos and also TVC.  Moreover, he led the foundation of the company ‘Third Eye Films L.L.C’’ which is also a big organization in the industry. With his consistent and sincere input, Faheem has raised the bars of standards of the Indian Music Industry.

Owing to his level of passion and earnest efforts which have shown big results,Faheem Rahiman has paired up with many top-class music celebrities from all over the world. Aravinder Khaira, Satti Dhillon, David Zennie, Yaadu Brar, Robby Singh, Savio, Omar LuLu, Naushad Khan, Satvinder, Josan Broz are a few names, apart from many world-famous directors in the field of Cinema and music. Faheem Rahiman’s remarkable taste, knowledge, and the variety that he brings into his music are what make him a popular and greatly loved music star. Be it in India or abroad, Faheem is best known for his work and talent.

Faheem Rahiman’s musical journey has been one of versatility and dedicated commitment. He has worked with most of the big music names in the country, from old to new and this only shows how much expertise and knowledge he has earned over the years. Talking about the new artists and celebrities, he has worked with faces like Dilijit Dosanjh, Sukhe, B Praak, Jaani, JassManak, Divine, Tony Kakkar, Guri, Neha Sharma, Kambi, Atif Aslam, Kaka, Fazilpuria, Big Dhillon, Sunanda Sharma, Anmol Gagan, Dev Negi, Kshtiji Tarey, Manindar Buttar, and many more not just in India but also abroad. All in all, Faheem Rahimanhas been associated with more than 45 songs throughout, and this is a huge accomplishment not only as an artist but also keeping in mind the experience and insights of music that he received while working with such diversification and variety.

Faheem Rahimanwas also one of the prominent creators of one of the very famous and widely popular songs of Sunanda Sharma. It is among the top songs of history, which was very well known and acclaimed for its unique creation and content. It is the only song by Sunanda Sharma which portrays many exciting car stunts.  The uniqueness and vibe of the entire project are what made it so popular among the viewers and Faheem Rahimanplayed a very important role in doing so. He is the line producer for many songs like ‘Laila’, ‘Mazaa’, ‘2 Bhai’, ‘No Competition’, ‘Butterfly’, ‘Shopping’, ‘Tu Hi Hai Meri Zindagi’, ‘Beautiful’, ‘Mascarey Wali Akh’, and ‘Ban’, and associate producer for many songs like ‘Kaka’ and ‘Chale To Kat Hi Jaayega’.

In the coming years as well,Faheem Rahiman is certainly going to achieve the best of accomplishments and recognition, which is well deserved. His committed efforts and earnest inputs add some incomparable liveliness and beauty to his songs and music works. His ongoing projects include those with famous singers like B Praak, Sukhe, JassManak, and many who aren’t yet revealed officially. After his recently released song titled Mazaa, Faheem Rahimanis working on Filhaal 2 and at least four others that remain untitled as of now. Moreover, he is also working actively as a line producer and associate producer for many upcoming songs.

Connect with Faheem on Instagram – @faheemrahiman


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