Woman entrepreneur Jyoti Das on a mission to dominate the globe with her niche brand ‘Jyo Shop’. Read to know!

Jyoti Das
Jyoti Das

Talent and creativity have no boundaries. All it requires is to bring the ideas to execution with the finest art and craft skills. Turning the passion for fashion designing into a lucrative profession, Jyoti Das made her mark as one of the finest designers of India. Born in Nepal, Jyoti in her early years moved to India and since then she has been in the country. To pursue her dream, she did her studies at the National Institute of Fashion Technology and then did a course in Gemmology from Belgium. With years of expertise in handcrafted designs, Jyoti Das brought ‘Jyo Shop’ to life, an ultimate online shopping platform for women.

The online brand is known for its exclusive collection of ornaments and outfits, and the hand-embroidered products that have a royal Indian touch to them. Since the onset of her career, Jyoti was determined to take the company on a global scale. Learning the art of designing unique apparels and accessories, Jyoti and her team have been creating designs that cater to modern needs. After coming to India in 1996, the entrepreneur with a team of five artisans started working on creating quirky designs for women. Over the years, the company has evolved, and its designs have got an international appeal.

With time, the team at ‘Jyo Shop’ got expanded, and today the attendance of the artisans is more than 200. These creative professionals have thoughtfully designed products that are environment friendly as well as highly sustainable. The journey of creating beautiful designs not only impressed the customers across India, but the sales of the brand products had an upper trend in Europe and the USA. Jyoti has her goal to take the shopping brand across the globe. One thing to note is that all of its designs show the richness of Indian art and craft.

When asked about her remarkable journey till now, the entrepreneur said, “It was all about the faith that I had in my vision. I never thought of settling for the mainstream 9 to 5 job. The curiosity to bring the best of creativity was always in my mind, and I am glad that my work has been appreciated by my clients all over the world.” Inspiring all the women entrepreneurs, Jyoti further revealed that a lady must not restrict herself only to household work. “If you can manage a home single-handedly, you are capable to completely manage a business as well”, concluded the entrepreneur.

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