May 27, 2021 – Western and Northern Ontario Weather Outlook

Weather Outlook Pine Trees and Blue Sky

Thunder Bay – WEATHER – Hope you covered up any plants in your garden and flowerbeds. Frosty conditions across Western Ontario remain in effect, and are expected for tonight as well.

Mother Nature appears somewhat reluctant to give “Old Man Winter” that final boot out the door.

The Ontario Provincial Stay-at-Home Order continues. For many people this has been a long time and it is causing confusion and turmoil in their lives.

However it is working in our region. The case numbers are way down in the region.

The focus and I realize it might sound like a broken record, but the focus should be on kindness and being supportive of each other. During this time learn to be skilled at new things. It is an opportunity.

There are new ways to learn. You are no longer tied to a physical place to go to learn something. Become adaptive, become positive, and become who you want to be.

That won’t happen from staring at life from the bottom of a bottle. It won’t happen through a fog of cannabis smoke, and it won’t happen when your mind is clouded over from opioids or other drugs. Work to clean up that part of you, and you will see your way clearly and positively.

You can do it. Remember, “You’re Beautiful”.

Thunder Bay Outlook

It is -1 at 8:00 in Thunder Bay headed to a high of 11. Sunny skies are expected today with winds from the northeast 20 km/h becoming light late this morning. The UV index 8 or very high.

Tonight we are forecasting clear skies. Low zero with frost.

Sioux Lookout Weather

It is a not spring-like -4 in Sioux Lookout at 7:00 AM CDT headed to a high of 11 for the day. Sunny skies are in the forecast. Winds will be light up to 15 km/h. Wind chill is at -4 this morning. UV index 7 or high.

Tonight will see clear skies. Low zero with frost.

Sachigo Lake Weather

It is -2 this morning headed to a high of 10 Skies will be mainly sunny. Winds will be from the west 20 km/h becoming light near noon. Wind chill minus 10 this morning. UV index 8 or very high.

Tonight will see clear skies with an overnight low near zero.

Kenora and Lake of the Woods Outlook

It is -1 in Kenora. The daytime high will be 13 under sunny skies. Winds will becoming east 20 km/h this morning. UV index 7 or high.

Tonight the forecast is for clear skies. Low +2 with risk of frost.

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