Jordan Langhorne Explains How Investing In Sports Cards Can Help People Make A Big Business

Jordan Langhorne
Jordan Langhorne

For years, the will to possess expert-grade sports memorabilia, particularly cards, has seen an exponential increase. Graded cards usher in additional money, and they even promise the authenticity of the merchandise being sold. Jordan Langhorne grew up in an environment where he would regularly get to attend the games and meet the players of the team. His father’s connection with former Yankees pitcher and future Hall of Famer, CC Sabathia proved beneficial for him in the beginning. It not only helped him in developing an inclination towards collecting the autographs of various players but also provided him with resources that he could sell as memorabilia from an early age of 12.  

Jordan Langhorne used Facebook as his platform of business. He marketed his product across various groups and sold them. In one year, he even created his own Facebook group named “Autographs 247”, which turned out to bring him great success and over 17,000 members joined it in only a couple of years. This was just the beginning of the formation of his various other groups that included “Bowman Chrome Baseball Cards”, a sports cards group dedicated solely to Topps Bowman Cards. In the year 2019, he expanded his sports card business to the Panini Prizm set and created a third group “Panini Prizm Sportscards” which took the market by a storm. 

Being persistent is the most important thing in life. This is something Jordan Langhorne firmly believes in. Even at the time of the Coronavirus pandemic, when the world was paused, he launched his “Bay Area” sports cards business in September 2020. This business proved to be a turning point in his life and blessed him with immense success in other markets such as cryptocurrencies, stocks, and NBA Topshot as well. Thankful for business partners who helped him in getting the resources available as well as put his ideas into motion, Jordan expresses his gratitude towards them and even shares how much he loves meeting new people. The people that he used to look up to are the ones that he has been collaborating with and it feels like an achievement to him.

Just the way every successful entrepreneur has a few life mantras, Jordan has some values that he shares. According to him, putting up regular content and making sure that it has quality is a must for any business. In the future, he plans on starting a movement to teach young entrepreneurs and influencers how to maximize their financial potential and create wealth. Jordan Langhorne even uses his social media platforms to share content that helps his audience benefit from it and give them tips to allow youngsters gain knowledge and establish themselves in the business world. 

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