How Onyx Forex Teaches Everyday People The Art Of Trading Profitably


Onyx Forex Review: Onyx Forex focuses on a beginner-friendly but extremely profitable strategy called the compounding growth strategy.

 A quick google search will show a huge amount of positive reviews regarding the sought after course of Onyx Forex. Onyx Forex is a beginner trading education company headed by Nick Deflorio.

Since inception, Onyx Forex has taught over 2,000 people globally a new life-long skill, how to trade profitably on the side of their full time jobs. With trading being such a sought after side hustle seeing as you don’t need to quit your job, buy products or rent any space, Onyx Forex are growing rapidly and are producing results daily for their global array of students.

Nick Deflorio the Founder of Onyx Forex said his only goal is to continue adding value to his members and continue to grow the coaching team that creates learning modules and new strategies for beginner traders to use and become profitable with.

Onyx Forex focuses on complete beginners, people who have never traded before, Nick mentioned that when he started trading there was loads of information online but there was nothing that actually showed him an executable strategy that worked, he said he used to siphon through hundreds of videos which ended up costing him hours of his time just to try and learn how to trade, so he took it in to his own hands after leaving his full time job in 2016 as a Real Estate Agent in the affluent Sydney, Australia leading to him creating a full online education hub where beginners can simply log on and learn expert secrets of Trading in the shortest time frame possible whilst maintaining 5 star support for his students.

Onyx Forex now has a trading floor in Sydney, Australia and have three senior coaches who are continually adding new value and coaching members, Nick likes to call this a step-by-step hand held coaching style, because he truly believes every person takes on information differently and learns differently when approached with differently styles, so he wanted to facilitate this in his own education course.

Trading requires just a mobile device or laptop, a few hours a day and some starting capital to fund your account, but the Founder of Onyx Forex stresses the importance of a consistent strategy and most importantly Risk Management.

‘’Education is the most important investment you will make when learning how to trade, if you don’t have a strategy and aren’t surrounded by like minded people, you are making it harder on yourself’’

Nick also mentions that trading can be self-taught but simply takes a lot more time which his target market simply don’t have, most of his students work full time and are learning how to trade so they can make an extra $300 – $1,000 a day with trading.

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