Digital Marketer Patrick Sargis’ Incredible Journey Of Learning From The Best To Being One Of The Best


Patrick Sargis is a digital marketer, entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Marketers Edge. He started working at a very young age and generated millions with his expertise in digital marketing. From small business to 9-figure clients, Sargis has shown tremendous growth with his work over the past few years.

Let’s talk about Patrick Sargis’ journey. He was a college dropout but full of skills and hoped to make it big. To fulfill his dream of becoming an entrepreneur in digital marketing, Sargis used to attend many conferences related to the subject, read hundreds of books and paid to seek knowledge from the best names in the industry. While perfecting his skills, he was simultaneously working with online businesses. Hence at the age of 24, he generated millions.

In the year 2018, digital marketer Sargis launched his first offer on Cold Trac. He was able to scale more than $100,000 in sales in just 40 days. The result of his hard work was enormous and boosted his confidence to keep going on. After this big feat, he consistently generated more than $100,000 for six months continuously. Eventually, he decided to stop doing online business and officially launch a marketing agency. This is how his company Marketers Edge came into existence.

Marketers Edge founder Patrick Sargis has shared how he helps his clients scale their presence in the market. He reveals that his clientele list includes 7, 8, 9-figure businesses and they are quite satisfied with his services. When Sargis started his company, his reach and clients witnessed visible growth. He shares, “Ever since I started my agency; I’ve been able to generate multiple millions in sales for my clients. I have numerous testimonials from some of the best marketers in the world. I’m a $40,000 per year copywriting mastermind, and I am privileged to learn from the best in the world. We are now focusing on scaling our agency to $10,000,000 per year.”

About the services he provides with Marketers Edge, Sargis shares, “I help my clients with better strategy, optimization, copy and sales funnel creation. I help 7, 8, and 9-figure businesses scale with better marketing. I am one of the best conversion multipliers in the world.”

From learning from the best to becoming one of the best digital marketers and entrepreneurs, Patrick Sargis’ journey is truly inspiring. So many young people look up to him and aspire to be like him in the same field. To such people, the Marketers Edge founder has some good advice. Sargis shares, “Become the best in the world at your skill-sets. Find the best in your industry and pay to learn from them. Be committed, consistent, and patient – massive results come over time from the compound effect.”




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