Meet Marcus Roberts-DeLoach, the man and the mind behind the exponential rise of the entrepreneurial world.

Marcus Roberts
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He is a 24-year-old serial entrepreneur who has shown his excellence and prowess in multiple niches and has inspired many others worldwide.

Isn’t it amazing to learn about all those people who exude a different level of passion and dedication when it comes to their career? Well, the world is filled with many such entrepreneurial talents, but a few rare gems have gone ahead in making waves in their respective industries and have shown the world how it is to be done and what they stand for. These individuals are at the top of their game because they did not just talk the talk but chose to walk the walk. The entrepreneurial space of the US has welcomed many such talents, and the name that has made the most buzz around his work is a high-performing serial entrepreneur named Marcus Roberts-DeLoach.

Who is Marcus Roberts-DeLoach, you ask? This young business gentleman is a man of many talents. He hails from Philadelphia, PA, the US, but has made quite a name for himself across the world with his multiple businesses, all aimed at providing value to people and making a difference in their lives through their services. Now, that’s what we call a modern-day entrepreneur. Also, there is more to this 24-year-old American entrepreneur; he is a loving husband, empowerment speaker, marketer and author. Yes, that’s a lot for a 24-year-old, but that is what Marcus Roberts-DeLoach is for you.

What’s interesting about this business personality is that he entered entrepreneurship at only 20 years of age as a full-time student-athlete in college and in the past few years have only expanded his businesses, thrived on his ideas and created a difference through his businesses in the industry and in the lives of many. Marcus Roberts-DeLoach serves as the proud founder of three flourishing companies, namely LionHearted Revolution Holdings Company, Purpose 2 Prosper LLC, and LionHearted Publications LLC. Apart from this, he also is the co-founder of his own clothing apparel LionHearted Revolution Apparel, with his wife, Alexus Roberts-DeLoach.

As a marketer with his firm ‘1 Percenters Marketing Agency, he provides people, brands and businesses services like social media marketing, web design, content marketing, etc., to scale themselves in their respective niches through the power of the digital mediums. As an author, he wants to voice his opinions and throw light on important things for connecting people with his purpose. Marcus Roberts-DeLoach has also risen to the top as a mentor and coach to individuals worldwide to help them in starting their own online businesses.

Looking at the successes, this multifaceted professional has earned so far in his career, we won’t be surprised to see him at the top of the entrepreneurial game soon. To know more, follow him on Instagram @iammarcusrd.

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