Tetrabyte Limited on Why Off-Site Backup is Vital for SMEs


Wondering whether you can skip out of off-site backup for your firm? Here are all the reasons leading IT techs say it’s a bad idea.

Off-site backup has long been a contested part of office life. There are so many problems with it, that many firms forgo it entirely, choosing only to backup what’s on their PC, once every few months. There are so many reasons why this is a bad idea.

We consulted with the leading IT Management firm Tetrabyte to help us explain why skipping out on file backups is bad business.

Why SMEs Need Offsite Backups

When you operate a huge business, you take customer file backup as part and parcel of the job. Large corporations know exactly what value to put on customer data. Every single minute scrap of information that you can find out about your clients, helps to create an accurate consumer persona. If you can accurately build a picture of your client base, you can better target your marketing to gain their attention.

Now if you are an SME this is often overlooked. Most small businesses start out with a love of a trade, a usable skill, or from independent product ideas that sell well enough to carry a firm. What we don’t tend to do in small businesses, is to build accurate overviews of who our clients actually are. Without this information, you must guess who you are marketing to. This is a problem most smaller businesses don’t even realise they have.

The first step to recognising why you need an offsite backup system, is in realising how important your information and data is. What would you do if all your data was lost in a fire, hardware failure or even a theft?

Data takes up physical space. You need somewhere to backup all your digitized files, with Tetrabyte offsite backups are the best way to ensure that you never lose your important data.

How Tetrabyte Manage Off Site IT for their Clients

Tetrabyte didn’t get to be one of the foremost IT management firms in the UK by resting on their laurels. Instead, they go out of their way to provide exemplary offsite storage space that secures their client’s data. With servers aplenty, they keep backups of all data and files on your system in an easily searchable format. Using their system, information retrieval is as simple as a few clicks – yet data is safe and secure.

This is an essential service for those that handle sensitive client information on a regular basis. If you fall into that category, and information is hacked, you could be seeing a scandal which ruins your business. With offsite, secured, reliable storage such as this, you secure your future – and your client’s data – for years to come.

An essential business choice for peace of mind, easy access and security.

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