To grow your online business, a proper Digital Marketing plan is essential, says Philipp Ryppa.


Traditional marketing methods are no longer used with the popularity of the digital medium which offers a plethora of opportunities to grow your business with Social Media Marketing being the foremost of all. The old methods involved huge budgets and also were time consuming in giving appropriate results, but not anymore as Digital Marketing has taken over in a big way for its cost-effectiveness and faster results. Philipp Ryppa, who is an expert digital marketer and owner of digital businesses states that without involving a strategic Social Media Marketing plan you won’t see any significant growth for sure. “There’s a lot of misconception amongst online business owners. Many of them think once they have established a presence on social media their sales registers would start ringing, but that’s not the case. Without reaching the right customer base you cannot expect any movement in your sales figures. A proper online marketing plan is the only way one can make his products or services reach the right target”, says Philipp.

The ace tech entrepreneur has excelled in his career by having two companies which are doing exceedingly well at present. His foremost company named ‘LPA Media’ has exceeded his expectations by becoming one of the most sought-after online marketing partners of many known brands and renowned personalities, whereas his other venture named ‘IG Elites Academy’ has emerged as the biggest social media training platform having thousands of students trained under it. Its global presence has people from different parts of the world coming together, sharing their knowledge and finding innovative methods to boost their own brands through Social Media Marketing. His agency has garnered a strong reputation and the huge follower base of 4,800,000 on Instagram is enough proof of it.

“Most of the online businesses don’t utilize the potential of Digital Marketing and are unable to sustain in the long run,” says Philipp. In simple words it is very important to add a robust Digital Marketing strategy into your business plan and see your business grow to dizzying heights of success.

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