“Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way” – Yash Shukla


Believing all that’s good in life, Yash Shukla has risen in to popularity even while being a popular politician on his own owing to his rich background in the political world. However, his popularity is not because of his background but because of his work.

Yash Shukla was born and brought up in a very politically motivated family where Ravi Shankar Shukla taught him all the best things in life. If there is one thing that he never missed out on everyday, it was the common moral values that every human being should stick by no matter what background they come from or what position they have obtained in their lives. Human beings are very compassionate creators, and most of the time they tend to help each other out in very difficult situations. It has been popularly observed in our culture that from the very past, the true nature of Brotherhood has stayed alive within Indians, irrespective of whatever caste or religion they come from. All such values are inbound in Yash Shukla, since he has not just read about these in life, but has also practised it in practicality.

It all began back in April last year, when the pandemic hit India pretty hard and every state was forced to go into a state of complete lockdown for at least three months. Some states were very severely hit, especially the central states. The poor sections of the society suffered most, because they did not have any place to go or anybody to turn to for external medium of help. Not just their health conditions, but also their living conditions were being compromised and with the lack of proper source of income, most people realised how they would not be able to recover from poverty.

Yash Shukla decided to help people out in such times of moral crisis. Him along with his very efficient team of Baneshwari Yuva Parishad out food rations and packets to thousands. Never looking back or expecting anything else in return, they continued to help along as many as they could. This was a gesture of true compassion, and it represented how good values this youth icon particularly has in him.

It seems like being bred into a family of politicians, this young man who was born on 11th of November 1994, turned out better than expected and is now as source of inspiration for many young people who look up to him and want to become somebody as compassionate and popular as him.

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