Diwakar Tiwari: Just Another Boy to Young Entrepreneur in Digital World


People at the age of 18 are generally scrolling social media and asking here and there about their goals. Most of the people of this age do not explore their passion, interest and become a part of the herd. Hence, doing nothing at this age but this 18-year-old boy, Diwakar Tiwari knows his passion and has worked on it. As a result, he became a young entrepreneur in the digital world.

It can be easy to become ‘friends’ or ‘connected’ with someone in a digital world, but it requires thought and strategy to convert social media connections into rewarding business relationships’ —— said, Diwakar Tiwari.

Diwakar put his step into the digital world, earlier and now, has his, own team and they cover all areas of social media. He, himself holds a certificate as an ethical hacker from the EC council. Diwakar had helped politicians with their social media handles. He manages their profiles digitally and helps them grow their pages and he with his team has made these ministers work easy. He has already worked with a no. of politicians, ministers, MLAs, MPs, and young politicians. He knows his interests well and is very determined to reach the heights of success.

Industry appreciates Diwakar and Diwakar’s team. Hence, they are in demand and a no. of people are interested in working with because of their skill, and hard work which they put in. Ethical hacking and cybersecurity are the other fields of interest to him. So, the next thing which they want to master is ethical hacking and cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is very important in this generation as it protects all categories of data from theft and damage. Thus, Diwakar wants to help others from these evils.

Diwakar aims to open his own cybersecurity company. Also wants to spread awareness about malicious attacks happening to other’s digital lives.

With this willingness, understanding, determination, hard work, and of course with his skill, he surely achieves all his aims.

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