Frantisek Hrinkanic- Building A Multi Figure Income Through Crypto Currencies


We are in a phase of digital advancement where the need for manual labor is reducing and the interest of people in indulging more in cryptocurrencies is increasing. Today, we can see people from all over the world investing a part of their money in bitcoins or other currencies to create a passive income for themselves.

We see government, businessmen, youth and even old people create a fortune for themselves through this evolutionary method of income. These people were able to make it through this because the risks and uncertainties were regulated through their guides and mentors who have vast knowledge about this.

Frantisek Hrinkanic is one such person, along with his team of ‘Crypto Tips Academy’ consult and guide individuals who see their future in cryptocurrency. The academy creates impactful strategies specially designed for your needs as well as also provides courses to teach people about cryptocurrency.

Who Is Frantisek Hrinkanic?

 Frantisek is a boy from Slovakia and was always an admirer of the United States. When he was a kid, he was keenly invested in video games which is another growing side of the digital world. He excelled at those too. However, Frantisek found his real calling in 2016, when he invested in the cryptocurrency with three other people and managed to make a decent amount of money.

This made him realize that he had a knack for this field and can help people substantially through his experience and guide them towards success.

Frantisek shares, “I don’t take it at all because there is some competition. I am rather happy when more people decide to invest, thanks to which they will make money after some time. Healthy competition is good.”

How Is His Passion And Humility Helping The World?

Frantisek is a giver; his company’s whole foundation is built on the principle of giving. He aims to help people all over the world. As such he and his team have created a book about cryptocurrency and blockchain to help crypto enthusiasts over the globe in every way possible.

“I would like to help people as much as possible in investing in cryptocurrencies or startup projects. I also believe that our charity will be very successful and will be able to help wherever possible. I love nature and therefore I believe that thanks to our charity people will also start to appreciate it more. I would definitely like to start a family as well, as that is what I care most about. I am not interested in material things at all, I rather want to help as much as possible. Of course, financial stability is important, and I believe that when a person does something that they really enjoy and endure, both success and money come.”- shares Frantisek Hrinkanic

If you are also seeking guidance on cryptocurrencies and blockchain, connect with Frantisek on his Instagram.

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