That is my brother lying there comforted by his wife – Jacob Black

Elderly man in Kam River Park
Elderly man down near Kam River Park. The face of the witness has been blurred to protect his identity. He was assisting the couple and the police.

Thunder Bay – LETTERS – That’s my brother lying there. After visiting two of our city parks this past Saturday this seniors couple were just leaving the park which displayed the tug boat in the South Ward. Suddenly a tall young man, dressed in a totally black outfit, rushed across the street, attacking my brother with a huge push, sending him instantly to the concrete side-walk, before running off. Obviously the culprit was not known to the seniors couple, yet he didn’t hesitate to bring serious harm to my brother.

Why was such a horrendous act carried out against an innocent senior who was watching the traffic, before crossing the street.?

You be the judge.

Certainly, Thunder Bay is plagued with drug dealers and users, not only from Southern Ontario but frequently coupled with members from our own city, the city supposedly “with a big heart”. If the culprit is not caught we will probably never know his reason or his state of mind. Our police force is making a big effort to deal with this issue, every day, I’m sure. Now it’s time that our mayor and city council take strong action to curtail and to hopefully eliminate our extremely serious problem.

Many seniors that I know have experienced attacks, insults and robberies from these hoodlums. I know of so many that will not go to the central core of the south ward because they fear for their safety. Are we becoming a city whose senior citizens see and sometimes experience what is really happening to Thunder Bay.

I wonder how many readers could express events where they too have been threatened. Mayor and council, it’s time you stopped spending hours planning for the possibility of a “soccer building” and focused on dealing with one of our basic rights, SAFETY IN OUR CITY. Retired Seniors must have consideration too ,especially when it is so important.

As for my brother’s situation; his head and left shoulder were badly injured in his fall and his hip has been cracked. He must lie in the hospital bed for the next three to six weeks  with severe pain, with future prospects of having to proceed with a hip replacement, an innocent bystander, leaving one of our city parks. Fortunately, bystanders who witnessed the deplorable act assisted the couple by calling an ambulance and the police. We thank you for your kind act at this crucial time. Ironically, this seniors couple were known for gathering paper trash in our parks.

Mayor MAURO and CITY COUNCIL, it’s time you bring safety back to our city with a focussed and concerted effort to eliminate the dangers we are experiencing. If Mayor Giuliani , one-time successful Mayor of New York City, was able to clean up a lot of the crime in the largest city in the United States surely our mayor and city council could do the same in our comparatively small city of Thunder Bay.

Jacob Black


This is the original NetNewsLedger article on this incident:

Are We as Safe as We Could be in Thunder Bay?

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