Allaoua Gaham: The Mind Behind the Epic Rise of the Yoga Community in Dubai


He works as a leading yoga instructor in many recognized studios in Dubai and has imprinted his name amongst the best in the business.

Whenever we speak about the success stories of people across industries and fields, we often wonder what could be the things that might have helped people raise the bar for others. “Perseverance and passion,” says Allaoua Gaham, who has made it huge in the health and wellness niche of Dubai and gradually imprinting his name amongst the top Yogipreneurs of the world. Though there is a list of things that are needed for people to achieve excellence in their chosen industries, passion and perseverance take people a step forward in everything they choose to do in life, says the passionate yoga instructor of Dubai.

From choosing a career of his choice, giving up his successful career as an entrepreneur in the corporate world, where he worked in the finance niche, Allaoua Gaham took the leap of faith and listened to what his heart sought, to make waves in the world of yoga and wellness. He got certified in ERYT500 from Zen Den Florida and surrounded himself with other Yogis, training with people like Ido Portal, Mike Fitch, and Val Riazanov to multiply his knowledge and learn more about the deep ocean of yoga.

He is also a BioHealth and Wellness Ambassador for Dr. Roze BioHealth Clinics in Dubai. He has also taught a legendary yoga event on Tolerance bridge in 2020 for Dubai Sports Council, International Institute of Tolerance, Dubai Police, and Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives.

He has also had lead a wellness & fitness retreat for Accor & ALL at the Pullman Maldives in 2021.

Allaoua Gaham has achieved great knowledge and understanding today of the anatomical alignment of movement and yoga mechanisms. This growing passion and knowledge of his led him to create his own yoga signature styles, which further propelled him forward in the industry. Allaoua Gaham has so far worked with and taught many professional athletes and many high-profile personalities as well as celebs, politicians; Forbes-listed business personalities, and even royalties.

He is one of those rare yoga personalities who got the opportunity to teach at the most valuable studios in Dubai; some of them include Dryp, Urban Yoga, and the like and currently also is the proud Managing Director at Palm Jumeirah’s Yoga La Vie Studio. His success can also be proven with the increasing number of major yoga events in Dubai he participated in and taught at like X-Yoga, Dubai Yoga Challenge, Yoga Fest, and Yoga Beats.

Speaking about his one-of-a-kind methods, Allaoua Gaham says his methods include, Active Stretch and Mobility, which is about reaching the deeper part of muscles, ligaments, tendons, facia, and many other complex connective tissues that composes the biomechanical structure of the human body. The other is Warrior Flow, which is about awakening the warrior inside people, a bridge between traditional and modern yoga approaches. The third is Animal Flow, combining quadrupedal and ground-based movement with elements from various bodyweight-training disciplines, and finally, Systema, which is all about relaxing the body and mind conditioning. Only a few in the region have practiced these disciplines in yoga and Allaoua Gaham’s name tops the list.

There is a reason why Allaoua Gaham was also nominated as the Fitness Personality of 2018 and 2020, increasing his stocks in the yoga world like no one else. To find out more, do visit his website,, and follow him on Instagram @allaouayoga.

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