Alex Feinberg shared how baseball helped him set up his career in the finance and tech industries

Alex Feinberg
Alex Feinberg

A native from Bay Area is a former SEC baseball player and now an author with three books under his name. Apart from this, he was also a former Sales Rep & Business Analyst at Google. He also worked as the Director of Business Development at a cryptocurrency exchange. But says his true passion is helping others to achieve their health goals.

Being a strong advocate of wellness and health, Alex talks about his days as a Vanderbilt University baseball player helped him remarkably later in life.

Feinberg understands and strongly believes being in good shape is an advantage in the real world. He says people in good shape are almost always going to get preferred at work. He shares, “You’re likely to get hired if your body conveys that you have the ability to discipline yourself and keep a consistent work schedule”

Talking more about his entrepreneurial journey, Alex shares, ” Being an entrepreneur is like approaching a training program. You have to be willing to commit to many months of limited positive feedback and ultimately convince yourself that it will all turn out ok. It’s mostly mental.”

He further shares, “I’m a thinker first and foremost. I scan for shortcuts in everything I do and always ask myself, “What am I really trying to accomplish?” This mental approach has made working, running a fitness company, and being an entrepreneur possible.”

Alex has found and worked his way out of normalcy, he did not even let the worldwide pandemic stop him from achieving his goals. He made sure to convert his business and income online which helped him open many new doors in his venture.

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