Eleonora Bernardi Zizola Has Womanpower.it Out To Serve All The Fashion Trend Needs

Eleanor Zizola
Eleanor Zizola

In a world full of hypocrisy and discrimination, there is a lot of focus that goes on to women and their dressing style. When was the last time you were told that you should not be wearing that body fit dress because of how much weight you have gained during the winter holiday season? Probably a lot of times, this is the reason why women need to bring about positivity in their lives and make sure that their fashion sense remains up to date. But on the other hand it is very difficult to find a fashion blog which consists of actual fashion advisers who can give you reliable advice.


This is why we have brought to you the best fashion blog- Womanpower.it. This is not your last option, this should be your first choice, and if you are still uncertain about the content that they provide, you might as well have a look at it yourself. We guarantee that you will certainly not be disappointed.


Keeping up with the beauty standards has never been easier, they will give you a complete list of different types of clothing you can try on according to your body shape. Forget the cliche fashion blogs that give only curvy and slim body type advice, here you can personalise and chose your own- A shape, Pear Shape, Apple, Curvy, or Skinny, be not afraid to look it up, just be thrilled after you find the type that fits your kind perfectly!


The fashion industry has been changing constantly, since the renowned popular brands keep providing us with different kinds of clothing and the influencers online along with celebrities keep promoting different trends every week and everyday, women have been really trying hard to catch up with such updates. Womanpower.it has the best fashion designers doing their work efficiently in promoting positive and fashionable content in the blog. It has always been the dream of Eleonora Bernardi Zizola to serve and cater to the needs of all the women, and not just particular kind of slim figured petite women.


To get into the background of Eleonora Bernardi Zizola, she has been living in the city of Venice, talking about the beauty and curves of the city for a long time now. Sense of very young age, she has been interested in the different comforts of life, and has taken her passion pretty seriously unlike other entrepreneurs who just value revenue and profit. While training as a professional basketball player, she became quite the athlete, and spent a lot of time in Rome too for the same purpose.


It is Influencers like her who are responsible for bringing about a positive development in the hearts, minds and lives of women all over the world. This world needs more people like Eleonora Bernardi Zizola who do not focus on discriminating and shaming different body types, instead promote love, positivity. Quite a multitasker, to be honest. Make sure to checkout her blog if you too are struggling about the clothes that you should buy for this summer. Look trendy, beautiful and confident with the expert fashion advice from womanpower.it.

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