What Inspired FAB CBD’s Founder to Start his Company


What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

My friend got me into selling home phone service and long distance service when I was in college. It was $29 a month for phone service and $5 a month for long-distance calling on your landline. This was back in 2004, when that was more relevant than it is today. I was a salesman.  I liked this newfound profession.  My first big paycheck was for more than the three other jobs I had, which made me realize that I could do a lot more if I quit my other jobs, left college, and doubled down on the business. I’ve never looked back since.

What’s something about FAB CBD that you’re proud of?

I’m really proud of how much we give to charity. We helped to provide over 6,000 meals for Feeding America during COVID. We’ve funded technology programs for inner-city schools and provided $10,000 to help out-of-work veterans. And we’ve funded three wishes for Make-a-Wish. Some people feel uncomfortable with how open we are about what we give, but I don’t think there should be a stigma around it. I want to normalize giving and encourage others to give. Sharing what we’re doing at FAB CBD is a big part of that.

What exciting projects are on the horizon for you?

Right now, our focus is on FAB CBD. We’re always honing our products and connecting with new customers to keep growing the brand. We’ve also got some exciting projects in the works, but I can’t say anything about them now. It’s exciting, though!

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Website – https://fabcbd.com

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