MESA Enterprises Taking Engagement & Interaction In The Showroom To The Next Level


If you haven’t seen it, tune in to your local channel on the television for just a moment. More than likely you will see an ad, one that is discouraging people to go to the dealerships to trade in, sell, or buy cars. The answer, just order it online… like everything else.

Is this really the answer? I don’t know about you, but the test drive and dealership experience is still important in making a financial commitment to buying a vehicle.

How are dealerships going to compete with this new aged idea of ordering cars online?

MESA has the solution. With the integration of MESA’s software, Central Hub and Resource
Link ™ (CHRL) on the showroom floor, dealerships will be able to offer customers a safe and memorable experience when picking out their new vehicle.

In this article, we discuss the next big revolution, which is especially answering the biggest
challenge of current times: The COVID-19 pandemic.

We discuss MESA Enterprises software, the next break-through solution which is helping
dealerships attract attention and increase conversions.

MESA’s Software

MESA’s Software is a Touch-free and gesture-controlled platform that helps solve the interaction and first impression problems of a Car Dealership.

It is a comprehensive software solution that allows your prospects to get complete knowledge of their preferred models while keeping them engaged every second.

This helps the Dealerships transfer all the information about a particular model to the prospect seamlessly before they even go for a test drive.

The best part is that the software and display are fully customizable and provide data, so you can keep changing the look and feel of it to increase conversions and make the process smooth for your customers.

● CHRL is proven to increase sales for businesses. Engagements on the software turn into

Understanding the Working

The Software (CHRL) is hosted on a Screen that sits on the Dealership floor, with a custom
welcome message for the prospects to be invited to engage with the software. The welcome screen is displayed when anyone comes in close vicinity to the screen. The customer can then take control of the software.

There is no touch involved whatsoever, and the prospect can start interacting and operating the software application (to manipulate what is displayed on the screen) with hand gestures.

The prospect will start by selecting the first segment of cars of your Brand and can further select custom options to view the information of his/her choice of Car. These screens are also customizable and you can decide to show any information on any page.

You can also link a QR code to transfer the same information in the prospect’s
phone, which has been proven to increase Brand Recall and Lead Generation

All the screens can be customized with photos, videos, slide shows, and surveys to achieve
specific goals.

Prospects can browse and select the information they are most interested in. They can pick the vehicles they prefer and they can gather information about the sales person they would like to work with when they are ready. Bottomline, the showroom becomes a safe way to engage with the dealership to make a purchase.

The Perfect answer to the Current COVID-19 situation!

One of the biggest challenges we currently face is the COVID-19 pandemic!

People all over the world are making efforts to prevent human contact at all stages, as
numerous countries are in complete lockdown.

Companies have been looking for a solution to the human contact problem, and touch screens were promoted as a solution a while ago.

However, there are numerous problems with touchscreens, with the biggest one being the
transfer of particles from one finger to the other as people use the screens.

MESA’s Software is the answer to this problem. The software eliminates the need for any
human touch because it is completely controlled with hand gestures.

Exploring the Effects

These few points will help you understand the benefits of MESA’s Software for Car Dealerships:

● Data helps enhance decision-making for inventory purchasing based on interaction data
and customer responses to surveys.
● Data from Surveys will help the HR Department identify critical traits in employees that
boost profitability.
● Dealerships have the opportunity to provide customers with the option of a 360-Degree
Tour of the vehicle while exploring the Car’s features.
● Have a direct impact on sales and conversions.
● Enhanced engagement of customers with the help of integrated interactive projections of
the vehicle of their choice.
● And many other benefits.

Taking your Business to the next level with Data

You get to access numerous Data points which can be used to enhance the customer’s
experience further.

You can regularly assess this Data to make changes to the screens and other interaction points of your prospects to increase sales!

Another great feature is the QR codes feature, which helps transfer all the information to the prospect’s phone and directly helps in increasing Brand Recall.

Your prospects would be able to access the same information at Home, which will not be the case with your competitors.


This is just the beginning, and MESA’s Software is all set to further revolutionize the Car
Dealership space as more and more companies realize the benefits and adopt this futuristic

And not just Car Dealerships, this Software also has enormous advantages for other
Businesses and places, including:

● Automotive Expos
● Repair shops
● Car shows
● Customization Garages
● And a lot more

To know more about MESA;

You can check out the website –

To talk to the team directly, you can call them at 1-844-637-2224.

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