Is Rap Music Good or Not, Mohsen Avid Interesting Talk About Rap Music


It seems that it is time to accept that rap music is an inevitable fact and has an audience in our current society.

Mohsen Avid, whose real name is Mohsen Parhizkar, recently gave an explanation about the situation of rap music in Iran at a live music festival in Iran. In the following, we will examine a part of Mohsen speech.

The target population of “rap” music is mainly the young generation. Apart from the attractive components and features of this type of music, what makes rap popular is not only the desire for diversity and the opportunity to drain energy, but also the young people of today who have professions that are often full of grief and heartache and inevitably look for a way. To express them.

However, “rap”, whatever it is, is an imported product, and it inevitably brings with it things that are not to our liking and do not sit well with our culture. So do not let others talk to our young heart with “rap” or sow the seeds of words in his heart that at times shame and modesty did not allow our young man to speak. Let me be clear; “Rap” is naked and rebellious. Be careful.

And where did “rap” come from?

Rap music, invented in the 1960s by black Americans in the Bronx, New York, was a weapon of black youth against racial discrimination at the time, and it was used to express the problems of living in ghettos. Which is considered a minority of a city) is also known as ghetto music.

Although blacks have always been considered the owners of rap music, the role of Latin Americans in keeping this style alive cannot be ignored, because rap in today’s world has moved beyond the framework that made it exclusively black and has become a form of protest for the world’s youth. In fact, wherever there are young people and wherever there is dissatisfaction, rap is present as a form of protest that lies in the form of music and in the heart of words that are quickly and consistently implemented. In general, it can be said that rap is a protest music to which a bit of humor has been added.

Do we also have Persian rap?

Yes we have! Persian rap is a form of rap music that is sung in Persian (and mainly in Iran). Although this style of music is mainly influenced by Western rap style, it does not have all its features, and some of its features do not exist in Western rap. Persian rap was formed in the late 1370s in Iran and many singers are officially and unofficially (so-called underground) active in this style.

“Rap” cannot be legal and authorized

Mohsen Avid also said about the social status of rap music and its feedback in the society: When we talk about rap music, we should look at the origin of rap. The origins of rap music in its original form, created by blacks, have had a protest origin; however, even in countries like the United States, this type of music has changed.

The rapper explained: In our country, rap music is not legal and inherently rap cannot be legal, because its purpose is to protest and go beyond the framework. If we want to confine rap music to a framework like a license, it does not make sense and it can no longer be rap.

What is happening as rap music in our country, with the exception of a few examples, does not fit very well with the original origins of rap, and is mostly a superficial imitation of the form of performance of this type of music. I do not consider Persian rap music as protest music. Although there is a group of young people who go to this kind of music, there is protest in their nature, but the words they present are not progressive thought.

Most of the audience is young rap music; Young people who do not like pop, traditional and classical music and prefer lively and lively music. We have a lot of talent in rap music that is working. I believe that the useful aspect of rap music is more.

In my opinion, in the first days when rap music entered our country, our society was not used to it. For this reason, it was not very popular, but after a year or two, this music reached its peak for a while, but now in our country, rap music has been changed and it has changed in several styles. They have even combined it with traditional music.

Mohsen Avid also mentioned the combination of his music with the traditional style and approved the remarkable feedback of this type of music.

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