Ike Mann Discusses the Hurdles and Challenges of Talent Management


Ike Mann is a Talent Manager from London. He is famous on the London talent scene for introducing new artists to the field and collaborating with them whenever possible. He developed an interest in the music industry from a young age, being inspired by publicists, managers and agents, etc. With enough skill and contacts in the fields of sports and industries, Ike was able to gain enough experience in the industry to be able to reach well-known and more high-end celebrities. Here he talks about the hurdles and challenges of Talent Management.

“The internet is one of the best things that people like me could’ve hoped for. In the old days, we had to go to specific locations to listen and find talent. Now, we can do this on social media while sitting at home,” said Ike. Even so, things aren’t easy. Even scouting on social media accounts and music streaming services like SoundCloud have their drawbacks. There is just too much content to get through to arrive at someone you really like.

Once you have found your talent, it is no easy road from there either. Talents have to be nurtured, especially since you are putting your own reputation on the line. “It’s not simply a matter of encouraging somebody’s music or advertising it. You have to get close. Be open to understanding their musical career. It’s a matter of trust between the two of you, and it is not easily achieved,” said Ike.

Ike searches only for talent that he is comfortable working with. “Compatibility is a major concern,” said Ike. And that is true. Managers who don’t work well with their talents are doomed to fail. Recently, he has been working with a fresh talent from the UK. “She is one to watch out for,” added Ike.

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