An Exclusive Interview With The Talented Nicholas Solomon


Crown and Feather Tattoo Co. is a new tattoo shop in Philadelphia with huge ambitions. The artwork eschews convention and broadens the demand for body art by focusing on small, fine line tattoos. It was started by Nicholas Solomon and his business partners a few years ago and has become unique in its area for the unique service it provides its customers. Here to talk about it is the owner of the Crown and Feather Tattoo Co., Nick ‘the Tailor’ Solomon.

“I know exactly when I decided to become a tattoo artist. But I was too young to become one at the time, so no one would take me on as a trainee. I purchased a tattoo kit online and tried to teach myself. That’s a very tough road that I don’t recommend to anyone. Years later I was able to get my foot in the door at a reputable shop to learn the trade. That’s the start of the journey I’m on today.” said Nicholas. It was the exquisiteness, the complexity, and the patience that went into making a tattoo that really excited Nicholas to explore the art form.

“From the start, I was sure I wanted to provide customers with a very different experience than what they may have experienced in another tattoo parlor. We employ social media managers, receptionists, etc. to handle the customer service side of the operation while on the actual work end, we have some of the most advanced and latest equipment that we use to offer unique fine line tattoo art options to our customers,” said Nicholas.

Part of what makes the Crown and Feather Tattoo different is that they also run a non-profit called The New Chapters Project where victims with self-harm scars can have them covered free of charge. “Good work and good art can last for a whole lifetime,” said Nicholas.

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