Jatin Chonkar – The Man of Action is India’s most Renowned Young Entrepreneur

Jatin Chonkar

Jatin Chonkar is a well-known name in this entrepreneurial world. Jatin Chonkar is better known as the India’s Dynamic Self-made Entrepreneur . He was here with his true dedication and enthusiasm and a focused mind . He started his journey in entrepreneurship when he was 16 and is the founder of The Indian Ladder & Ancient Media . Ancient Media is a 360° Digital Marketing Agency which Helps Business Owners / Influencers / Singer’s to Grow their Public Relation .

You may or may not believe it, but there are countless possibilities and opportunities right in front of you , who have a ability to do something never lets go of them. Since his early days, Jatin  was much influenced by the workings of the digital medium and his passion turned into a profession with the time. Today his name is counted among the best digital marketers and he has worked so hard to achieve this big thing. Jatin Always Believed that “ Smartwork & consistency are the key to success” .

Jatin Chonkar has also helped many people to setup their own Profitable online business by helping them in their work and providing them Mentorship and guidance for their starting phase. He says he is inspired by many Big Names in the industry and always wanted to be like them & wanted to Help People grow themselves . Jatin is very much Known for his personality , skills , kind of knowledge his has & helpful Nature . Jatin is also a digital Coach & he helps people from all over India in learning online business . Coming from Mumbai, India, Jatin has worked out how to turn into a self-trained business entity who has gotten notable for the advanced substance he consistently makes via web-based media.

Jatin Chonkar has proved that it is possible to maintain a rewarding career in your teenage. He is also known as a Digital expert , PR Specialist and a well-known Influencer as a lot of youngsters in our country got influenced by him and started their career in this Budding Online Industry.

Jatin Has massive plans for his future and he is gingerly moving ahead to establish his worth. In a nutshell, he is many things in one person like entrepreneur, digital guru, coach  and many more. Youngsters in India need to Learn from this Expert guy how to stay focused and be a positive vibe emerging person for people around you.


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