5 Tips to Going on a Wine Tour in Kelowna

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Kelowna is referred to as the home of wine. It is one of the most toured destinations, especially during summer. There are beautiful tourist attraction sites. However, one that stands out is the Kelowna wineries. If you plan to have a wine tour in Kelowna, this article unveils the five tips to keep in mind. Check them out:

1)            Research

There are different wineries in Kelowna. Moreover, these wineries usually charge different fees. Additionally, they have different wine brands. Therefore, before you get there, it is crucial to check which winery is suitable for you and your group. For example, west Kelowna wine tours are described as the home of the old vineyard. It has some of the most unique and breathtaking wineries. If you check the website, you will find how to book and see all the wineries in the place. Ensure you check all of them before you book one.

2)            Before You Go

  •                     Book a driver – Well, if you plan to visit the wineries, it is ideal to have a driver. Since drinking and driving is an offense in Kelowna, you may not want to get into trouble with the authorities. You may feel that a driver is not necessary. However, do you know that the fun on a wine tour is to taste the flavors of different brands? It is this that may get you drunk. Therefore, to be on the safe side, have a driver, or book a guided wine tour.
  •                     Bring a photo identification – This will make it easier for the staff to verify you are of drinking age of 19 years and above.
  •                     Charge your cameras – If you are a fan of photos, Kelowna wineries have beautiful sceneries perfect for pictures.

3)            After You Go

  •                     The wineries charge tasting fees. Moreover, every winery has a different amount they charge, which they refund if you buy some wine. Be sure to check all the requirements before you do so.
  •                     Children may not be allowed in the tasting rooms. Moreover, if they do, they are not allowed to taste the wine. If you plan to carry children along, ensure they behave well and accompany them all the time.

4)            The Do’s

Do the following to maximize your experience at Kelowna:

  •                     Be open-minded – Do not refuse if wine is offered to you. You may discover a brand you have been missing. Moreover, it expands your knowledge about wine.
  •                     Ask questions – The only thing you need to focus on is to get the most out of the tour. The staff are knowledgeable and have practical experience in handling different brands of wine. Therefore, ask all the questions you have in mind.

5)            The Don’ts

The following are the things to avoid during the wine tour:

  •                     As you enjoy the tour, do not pick a bottle from the tasting bar to keep some wine for yourself. It is an offense to do so.
  •                     Ensure that your group does not portray any malicious behavior in the tasting rooms.
  •                     Avoid wearing fragrances. It may spoil your tasting experience.


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