SixSurgery Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Martin Jugenburg, First in Canada to Accept Cryptocurrency

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As Bitcoin breaks all-time highs, people are increasingly becoming more open to accepting Bitcoin as payment for goods and services while discovering various use cases and benefits. Dr. Martin Jugenburg, founder of SixSurgery and popularly known as ‘Dr. Six’ is leading the trend as the first plastic surgeon in Canada to accept cryptocurrency as payment for products, services, and full surgical procedures.

Dr. Jugenburg is no stranger to challenging norms. As one of the first in Canada to introduce social media as a medium for patient awareness and education, he found an unconventional way to break down barriers between patients and doctors through streaming authentic journeys. Now, Dr. Jugenburg is renowned for releasing daily content that redefine realistic expectations and allow for patients to engage in the process, having a community of plastic surgeons follow suit.

Admitting that accepting bitcoin can seem like a “leap of faith” with the volatility, Dr. Jugenburg sees that as a price he’s willing to pay for the plausible benefits, a critical one being privacy: “Many of my clients come from the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, which are places that are still very traditional and consider it crucial to keep their visit completely private. For surgeries such as Hymen Reconstruction and Labiaplasties, the privacy that needs to be maintained could lead to extreme consequences. Alternatively in North America, natural breasts are one of the most sought out procedures. We started to accept Bitcoin, mainly because this allowed our clients to not have a transaction statement that their parents or significant others could easily discover.”

Bitcoin is exchanged using blockchain technology, making payment with cryptocurrency virtually untraceable. Aside from the privacy related benefits, the jump to accepting cryptocurrency is also largely due to the fact that it allows Dr. Jugenburg to serve patients globally, and accept payment anywhere. By using CoinBase commerce to manage the transactions and Cointracker to track payments and taxes, Dr. Jugenburg and the SixSurgery team are eager to migrate to a system without the hassle of wires, multiple currencies, or third party fees. Conversion rates are tracked in real time leaving the transaction posted on a public ledger using private addresses, having the potential to mitigate credit card fraud.

When asked if he thinks that more Canadian cosmetic surgery clinics will start accepting cryptocurrency, Dr. Jugenburg explains “In business you have to take risks. Being the first is never easy, but it needs to happen. I have no doubt as the technology matures and an ecosystem is built, that this unfamiliar territory has the potential to transform the healthcare industry all together. For it to work, there needs to be mass adoption and if businesses don’t start adopting it, they may be left behind.”

As a believer in the future of cryptocurrency, Dr. Jugenburg plans to hold assets in cryptocurrency following suit of some of the large corporations like MicroStrategy and Tesla that are buying Bitcoin for their balance sheets.

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About SixSurgery

SixSurgery is a team of top tier surgeons at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute hand-selected by Dr. Martin Jugenburg for their achievements, professionalism, and outstanding results in their respective fields. With their extensive training, natural skill, and combined experience in all aspects of cosmetic surgery, they are dedicated to giving world-class surgical care and the best possible aesthetic results.

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