How The Internet Is Changing How We Deal With Law Firms

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The internet has helped change most of society over the last twenty years, even the last ten years has seen decades of change very quickly.

It has affected every part of the world, especially so when it comes law practice. Let’s take a look at some of the elements that have changed for the better recently.

Virtual Clients

The rise of video conferencing applications has severely sped up discussions with clients. This mainly started in courts, when courts had to get witnesses and defendants in court but weren’t able to get them there. This has been advanced recently during COVID.

Away from the courts, law firms themselves have been able to speak to clients easily using platforms such as Skype and Zoom. Traditionally, firms would have invited clients in for face to face meetings, but now they can save time, travel and cost to do it on the internet.

That’s not to say that face to face meetings have been exterminated, in fact they still have their own benefits. But for law firms especially, it can help them focus on the case more than worrying about logistics.

Technological Advancement

Law firms always have to evolve with the times. A lot of the time, law firms can be quite old fashioned. But even the most stubborn of lawyers realize the need to move on.

Think of the growth of the internet. Every year something new gets discovered and invented via the internet. Which means, inevitably, new laws have to be created to protect people and interests.

This leads to lawyers having to brush up and constantly educate themselves on everything legally involved on the internet.

International Stage

The rise of the internet has greatly increased the reach for firms and clients to connect together across the world.

For example, let’s say you lived in Canada but wanted to contact a high-quality family law firm from Houston, TX. Then you now easily can. Fullenweider Wilhite are considered the best divorce lawyers in Houston, TX. So, these days you can easily visit their website and find their contact information to send instant messages. Leading you to solid law work quicker than ever.

Geography has become irrelevant in some ways. It’s so easy to send emails to anyone. State to state work has been improved because of this, which is a big help for attorneys and lawyers.

This is why law firms are spending so much time and money onto the quality of websites. In the same way that when you first enter a law firm, you’re greeted by a wave of professionalism. That’s what is expected by an online presence these days.

Information And Storage

Another way in which the law business has been revolutionized is via information and storage. For example, cloud storage has been massive for all industries.

If you don’t know, cloud storage refers to the saving of information and data to an online server that doesn’t require you to have any physical storage devices such as hard drives.

Previously, firms had all their information paper-based, filed away into the archives. But the advancement of storage technology via the internet has increased production ten-fold.

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