Introducing The Best Of The Longines Master Collection for 2021

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Longines is a luxury watch that is attractive to many watch fans. The reason for this is the popular price range. It has a good history as well, and that is why getting one is a bonus. The Longines brand was founded in 1832 by Auguste Agassiz and his partners. With that historical length, it is reasonable to say that Longines has a timeless quality. Many watch brands have come and go, but Longines retains its extraordinary popularity in the masses and the watch elites. If you want to explore the brand, this article is a fine way to start. There are different types of Longines Watches. Below are the fine examples:

Longines Heritage

This was the most popular model of the Longines watches in the United States when Longines started selling watches. The Heritage has a classic look but with the durability of contemporary watches. The masculine design looks excellent in areas of maritime, aviation, and also racing. The Heritage has that refined Swiss design and craftsmanship. 

It has the qualities that watch collectors love. If you love your watch with great history, then the Heritage is for you. The Heritage design has a black and silver design that looks great on any occasion and clothes. 

Longines Conquest Classic

The Conquest is unmissable with its black watch face and linear dial. It has many versions of iterations to meet style demands. The classic look of the Conquest makes it a great companion for any event. These events involve the outdoors and many adventures. Sapphire crystals, Arabic numerals, and 18-k pink gold are exemplary components that make this line an attractive luxury watch. If you want an elegant but not flashy watch, then the Conquest Classic is for you. 

Longines La Grande Classique Presence White Dial

This is the ultimate dress watch to go. The gold plate, sapphire crystal, and leather strap are a great showcase of elegance and eye for design. The clarity and simplicity of the watch dials make this watch a timeless piece of craft. The scratch-resistant crystal cover made of sapphire makes this durable. If you want your watch to resist scratches, then La Grande Classique is the watch for you. 

The Longines Master Collection

Apart from the regular Longines watch line comes the Master Collection. The name itself speaks for the amount of energy and resources spent in making these watches. The Master Collection belongs to the premium line. This is the kind of watch that top executives wear. These watches are symbols of power, confidence, and also elegant taste. The Master Collection is famous for the moon phase design. It is the Longines signature that has lived through many generations of watches. It is also the stylish look that collectors of luxury watches look for. 

The Master Collection has different versions. There is a stainless steel bracelet line. There’s also the leather strapline. They have different colors and designs in the watch faces. However, the Master Collection have their signature look. This kind of look sets them apart from other Longines watches. It has something to do with constructing the bezels, the case, and even the dials. 

These are exquisite timepieces for people who prefer their watches to speak on their behalf. And yes, looking at the watches themselves tell you what kind of person the wearer is. 

Is the Longines Master Collection Good?

If you go to the official Longines website, then you will notice a phrase. It says, “Long Experience Meets Vast Expertise.” This is so true with every watch in the Master Category. The designs commemorate a century of experience in the field of watchmaking. For a brand to stay that long denotes years of wisdom and expertise in accuracy and reliability. 

The Master Collection is not just good. It is also recommended for all watch collectors. It is a kind of watch that will stand the test of time. It is a great gift to pass on for generations. Any watch with such fine craftsmanship as Longines will last longer because of its great mechanism. Suppose you are new to the great and delicate world of luxury watches. In that case, the Master Collection is a significant investment. It will also look great in your suit or anything you can wear to a great event. It is also a watch that will look good anywhere. This quality is due to its understated elegance and beauty. It seems excellent without screaming at you. 


If you are wondering about the Longines brand, then the watches in its collection will tell you about it. Gazing at the fabulous designs, colors, and movements is enough to convince you to get your own Longines watch. If you check out the Master Collection, you will be treated with the visual impact typical of the highest caliber’s luxury watches.


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