Dolmar Cross on new technology in the real estate industry

Dolmar Cross on new technology in the real estate industry
Dolmar Cross on new technology in the real estate industry

The real estate sector has long-held the position of being perceived as a lucrative one. It has attracted countless people with an eye for opportunity and the aptitude for wealth creation. Now, with the advent of technology, this profitable enterprise has undergone a sea of change. How have these changes impacted the market and the investors? Noted real estate investor Dolmar Cross shares his thoughts.

The digital bridge

Technology has enabled buyers and sellers to connect easier than ever before. “It is very easy these days to find a property,” says Dolmar. Sophisticated algorithms have caused a steep surge in the evolution of the sector. “The proliferation of aggregator sites, each claiming better accuracy than the other, is evident of the boom,” says Dolmar. This click-to-find trend has made the market more transparent, which according to Dolmar, is a positive change.

The redefined role of agents

The digital platform with its transparency was perceived to be the end of real estate agents and middlemen. However, this notion was proved wrong. Facing extinction, the agency was forced to reinvent itself. Today, real estate agents are investing heavily in technology to give a higher level of service to their customers. Technology has helped improve the standards practiced by the industry.

Higher sales conversion

Technology has enabled higher sales conversion in the real estate sector. According to Dolmar, “Today, customer profiling, tracking, and targeting methods help in reaching the right customer with the right offer at the right time.” Presenting customers exactly what they are looking for and adding a couple of pleasant surprises is a sure-shot conversion tactic. Technology helps identify and define a customer’s needs and spending power. Intelligent algorithms can match these factors and instantly produce a list of prospective customers who top the conversion index.

With over fifteen years of experience, Dolmar Cross is navigating the real estate pool with his slick moves and thoughtful strategies. According to him, for budding investors to gain momentum and take flight, they must quickly invest in technology. Adopting new technologies into his business has helped Dolmar not only improve return on investments but gain deeper insights into market movements, changing customer preferences, and the burgeoning wealth-creation opportunities. While using these insights to build his business, he uses his industry know-how to inspire his peers.

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