Meet Anthony Nuara Sales Tycoon and eCommerce Leader

Meet Anthony Nuara Sales Tycoon and Ecommerce Leader.
Meet Anthony Nuara Sales Tycoon and Ecommerce Leader

The eCommerce industry is a maze, a harsh sea where only the strongest manage to stay above the surface. Many have taken their chances but only of them became successful. Anthony Nuara is the ultimate example of a master tradesman and eCommerce leader.

At the age of 21, Nuara had few dollars in his pocket, 10 years later, he turned himself to a multimillionaire and CEO of 3 different companies in 3 different industries. Today we dive deep into the success story of Anthony Nuara, a sales tycoon and eCommerce leader

Unharmed By The Pandemic.


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses of all types. Only a few of them have managed to keep their heads up. However, some of the businesses actually thrived. This could not have been possible without the experience and guidance of successful businessmen.

Antony Nuara is the CEO and founder of 3 different companies:

  • Freedom Power Solutions, a solar company
  • Freedom Water Solutions, a water purification company
  • Amazon Freedom, an Amazon automation company

All these companies have one goal in mind, improve clients’ life and allow them to generate passive income equivalent or superior than that of a full salary.

However, how can one person manage 3 different companies and yet remain unharmed by the pandemic? The answer lies in his determination and motivation to reach high ground alongside his clients. Anthony refused to be put down by Covid-19 and unlike many businessmen, he stood up to the challenge and managed to make 2020 his best financial year ever.

Ever-growing Mindset.


Since he was a teenager, and specifically at the age of 21, Anthony always had hunger for business. He moved from knocking on doors to make sales to creating a successful company in the span of 4 years only. By the age of 25, had already made it to the sales industry.

When we asked him about what the key to this success was and what keeps him motivated, Nuara answered, “I believe in myself 101 % and my growth mindset is contagious. I invest more than money in people. Knowing there are people out there I can help change their lives for the better is what keeps me going. I want to be the leader I wish I had when I needed a mentor.”

He created his company based on promising his clients little but delivering services beyond expectations. This is a key element of success according to Anthony Nuara.

Strong Mentality.


One of the issues faced by entrepreneurs both big and small is the lack of motivation and inability to suppress their emotions.

In our interview with him, we also asked him about what lessons he learned from all the years of experience he has, Nuara answered, “If you can’t manage your emotions you won’t go far in life. When was the last time you did something smart when you were very angry?” We found this answer to be the conclusion of years of stress and fear of losing all he ever built. He learned it the hard way and he plans to make his clients aware of the importance of suppressing emotions and think rationally before making decisions.

Success was not achieved overnight for Nuara, discipline and core habits had been key elements in making him the millionaire he is today. His morning routine consists of reading emails and messages, which he considers a hobby rather than work. He enjoys everything he does during the day that is why every day is a birthday for Anthony Nuara.


Contact him on Instagram and his website for more information.

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