eCommerce vs. Franchising: Luxury Fashion Brand Sebastian Cruz Couture is leveraging the former to reach millions

eCommerce vs. Franchising: Luxury Fashion Brand Sebastian Cruz Couture is leveraging the former to reach millions

If you’re starting a business, you’ll be faced with a fundamental query. Should you build your brand online through an eCommerce site or set up shop in a physical location, eventually franchising out your business? While both avenues can lead to success, you’ll need to consider what feels right for you. Sebastian Cruz Couture is a luxury fashion brand that has decided to function solely online, and this business model has produced fantastic results for them.

Sebastian Cruz Couture was created by husband and wife duo Cesar and Natasha Cruz in 2013. They had an idea to market pocket squares as no one had ever seen before. They stayed up by themselves using crocheted elements instead of falling into the pocket. They achieved great success and soon decided to move on to menswear, specifically unique colored jackets that would stand out in a crowd. The company had hundreds of preorders for their first jacket, priced at $1,495 with a six week turnaround time. Now, in addition to jackets and pocket squares, the duo sells shoes, scarves, cufflinks, vests, shirts, and trousers. Once their business was booming and they could deliver jackets even faster, the couple had to decide whether they wanted to stay online or create a physical presence. “I’m an expert in eCommerce,” says Cruz. “I know that’s what I can do. We decided that opening a physical store isn’t where we want to focus our energy right now. We get more than enough sales and attention online that creating one or more stores could actually take away our sparkle.”

While the couple loves to see their pieces at exclusive events and on the runway, they’re even more excited to see them used at weddings. “We style about 10-15 weddings every day at locations around the world,” Natasha says. “I love to see pictures because the groom and groomsmen always look so happy, and I know they’re comfortable in our menswear.” While they love to advertise and find new clients, they’ll always be loyal and grateful to their existing customers. “They’re what helped get us off the ground, so they’re very special to us,” says Cesar Cruz.

eCommerce is all about becoming a better and better way to do business all over the world. You should never let worries about whether it will be difficult to open a physical store hold you back because it might not even be necessary.

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