Matchmaker Laura Jacobs Is Mentoring Singles and Millenials To Help Them Take Their Dating Game To The Next Level

Laura Jacobs
Laura Jacobs

Laura Jacobs, a former well-known fashion model and film and tv actress, has now emerged as a top dating coach and professional matchmaker.

Always being interested in the business, she decided to fully embrace this new career in 2019. Through her professional matchmaking services, Laura is assisting a new type of clientele to help them find the right match; millennials.

“Dating apps have now become cliché. You don’t know whether a person swiping right is doing it for fun or he or she is really interested in you. Singles need to take extra care while dealing with people online,” She says.

Through her company, Modern Dating Coach, Laura offers valuable advice and courses to turn your “situationship into a relationship!” as well as one on one coaching to individual clients who have dating issues. She wants people to find an actual relationship from a dating app and offers affordable solutions to teach them how to do just that!

Her no nonsense dating advice on instagram and other platforms has garnered a loyal audience because she is real, raw, and authentic.

A few of her articles were featured in reputed news websites, including the LA Times and other online magazines. Laura has a degree in Psychology from McGill University, which helped her establish herself as a relationship expert and dating coach.

This isn’t Laura’s first entrepreneurial success though, alongside her own former modeling career she has also represented over 40 fashion models since 2012. Her company is  LRJ Management—a well-reputed model management company. We can’t wait to see what this savvy entrepreneur does next!

Check out Laura’s dating videos and advice on her Instagram here:



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