Eylin Pérez reveals how one can establish a healthy work-life balance with regular practice of yoga and meditation

Eylin Pérez
Eylin Pérez

Where there is good, there is bad. Where there is dark, there is also light. If one understands it closely, good and bad or dark and light are opposite values that strike a perfect balance. In the same vein, where there is stress, there is relaxation. When we say relaxation, it is about destressing yourself from the things that utilize and drain your energy. To stay destressed, yoga and meditation are the stress busters that have brought a positive impact on people’s lives.

One such individual who is helping people across the globe strike a healthy work-life balance is Eylin Pérez. She is a yoga teacher and a student based in Doha. However, she originally hails from Lima, Peru and considers yoga and meditation as the life-changing aspects of her life. Eylin’s first yoga workshop was way back in 2001 during her school. “Back then, I never imagined that I would make my career as a yoga instructor in the future”, says Eylin.

Like every human, when she did yoga for the first time, she could not ace the asanas and body postures correctly. It was only after consistent practice, Eylin became a past master in yoga. In today’s time, yoga has become the need of the hour as sufferings like stress, anxiety and depression are common problems of today’s generation. To bring an end to such issues, the yoga instructor suggests everyone practice yoga and meditation daily.

It is known that emotional and mental stress drains the human body. With yoga and meditation, Eylin has changed people’s lives by giving a better lifestyle and even improving their sleeping patterns. “A few breathing exercises followed by yoga can help one rejuvenate themselves from within”, stated Pérez. Another aspect of having a healthy life-balance is an increased level of concentration and focus.

As per science, yoga and meditative practice have helped in improving concentration levels as it improves the oxygen flow in the blood. The studies have also suggested that practising yoga and meditation regularly helps in building interpersonal relationships with near and dear ones as well as colleagues in the office.

Sharing her experience, yoga, meditation and breathing exercises have helped her reduce the physical ailments. The yoga instructor during her teacher training program suffered from endometriosis in 2015 that saw her undergo two surgeries. In 2017, she had yet another ankle surgery. While she was on bed rest, yoga took a backseat from her life, but meditation and breathing exercise helped her stay positive throughout the journey.

As of now, Eylin has overcome all the mental and physical roadblocks from her life. She has been to various parts of the world to attend yoga workshops. Besides this, Eylin conducts yoga workshops for people, and she rightly brings a healthy-work life balance to every person’s life.

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