Ahmad Fahad: The Journey of an 18 old crypto entrepreneur from Kuwait

Ahmad Fahad

Ahmad Fahad is on the verge of completing his teenage but he knows the art of playing with cryptocurrency. He knows about bitcoin and other digital coins and ensures to give people the best advice in it. He hails from Kuwait and from an early age he was inclined towards exploring new things. So, when he found digital money making news, he explored the topic in and out to embark upon his edge in this field.

He always wanted to tread a different path and digital currency gave him the chance to move ahead in life smoothly and competitive. He is skilled in his domain and leaves no stone unturned to keep himself updated on bitcoin and other digital currencies. Many people love to remain in touch with this young man in this field and he has a lot of golden advice to give them. He feels that ignorance is not a bliss in this domain as you need to know a lot about it before you think of investing in this domain.

This is because the way the digital coin works when compared to conventional money and cash, you need to know about it. Secondly the coins are vulnerable and volatile if you fail to know when and how you need to enter in this field. As he comes from the Middle East, which seems to be good in terms of money and its flow. He has proved that age is not a factor to get an expertise in this field. At least he has set an example in his chosen field and we see him going a long way soon.

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