Renowned Digital Marketer David Vatine explains how to stay updated with the current marketing trends

David Vatine

With the technological advancements in the last decade, the world of digital media has changed in a lot of ways. Who knew marketing in the digital world could actually help expand their audience base? Today, digital marketing isn’t just one of the booming careers but also a bonafide way to help expand your business. Israel-based David Vatine, who is a well-known name across the globe, has always asserted on how important it is to stay up-to-date with the ongoing marketing trends. “It is the only way to stay ahead in the race,” explains David, who is the founder of the successful marketing company, David Vatine.

Since David has himself tasted success, thanks to his methods and strategies, he was of the view to help small businesses achieve the same. “I have the right to manage over 1,000 businesses in the total year. Areas range from beauticians, fitness trainers to large real estate companies. However, not every business has enough money to invest in advertising companies, and my top goal is to help a few more business owners.”
According to him, there are several ways to stay updated with the ongoing marketing trends. “The first one to begin with, is the most obvious one – Have Google Alerts set up. This will help you get notifications about specific marketing trends that you’d like to follow. It’s the best tailormade way to keep yourself updated.” David also emphasizes on the importance of email marketing. “Whether it is ongoing trends on social media platforms or on the internet as a whole, email marketing is always helpful. One can subscribe to newsletters or blogs, read all the relevant content material they have to offer and stay updated.”

“Following successful digital marketers on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook can also help tremendously,” explains Vatine who is also the author of the course – The Academy of Digital Marketing Agents. With David’s expansive knowledge and modernized methods, he has helped several small businesses achieve it big on social media and he continues to build plans that will help businesses soar.

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