Vishal Dilip Bhujbal Is Making The World A Better Place With His Social Service Work

Vishal Dilip Bhujbal
Vishal Dilip Bhujbal

“The happiest people I know are those who lose themselves in the service of others,” said Gordon B Hinckley. This is true in the case of Vishal Dilip Bhujbal. The 34-year-old young man from Pune’s Narayangaon village in Junnar disctrict has devoted his life in helping others and working for the betterment of the society. All of this happened because of one of the biggest inspirations in his life, Bhaiyyuji Maharaj.

Born to a farmer’s family in Narayangaon, Vishal’s parents wanted their son to do job and make a good livelihood for himself. However, after meeting Bhaiyyuji Maharaj and seeing how he helps other people, Vishal was drawn towards social service. He does the cremation of unclaimed bodies and so far, he has cremated more than 1000. He cremates these bodies as if they were his own family.

But that’s not the only social service work Vishal is involved in. Whether it’s in big cities or small towns or villages, poverty is everywhere. Vishal Dilip Bhujbal provides basic necessities like food and clothing to these people. The youth icon also cares about nature and with Suryoday Parivar, he has been creating warness about Godavari and Narmada cleanliness drive at Nashik, Paithan, Hatgaon in Maharashtra and Narmada in Madhya Pradesh.

Vishal Dilip Bhujbal’s social service work also caters towards health issues. He looks after children of Khamgaon who are diagnosed with HIV AIDS. The 34-year-old makes sure the tribal Ashram Shala receives the goods and services required for its people. To conduct all these social work activities, Vishal has to travel to places. It helped him in making connections. These connections have helped Vishal to spread the message of humanity, kindness and all the drives and programs he conducts for people’s welfare, especially in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

About his social service work, Vishal Dilip Bhujbal says, “I’ve learned from Bhaiyyuji Maharaj that happiness is more valuable when we have people to share it with. If I am blessed with something more than enough, I can give it to others too. It’s only us who can make the world a better place to live. Helping people brings peace to my mind. I think that’s the purpose of my life and I will keep doing work for the society’s betterment until I can.”

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