“I believe in adding value to people’s lives.” says Entrepreneur Uğur Aslan

Uğur Aslan, the co-founder of Proterra Cosmetics

Rising to relevance in any sector requires a lot of work, and Uğur Aslan has proved himself to be both a hard worker and a value provider to people. The University graduate of Economics likes to think in futuristic terms, and this mostly inspires all that he has contributed to all the sectors he has businesses and investments.

His life’s mission is to take opportunities and use them to add value to others. The entrepreneur-investor has contributed to Turkey’s economy with many businesses in different sectors and investments in a few growing companies.

Uğur Aslan believes himself to be a taker of opportunities. In his words, “I evaluate each situation in a benefit-oriented and opportunity-oriented manner, and I say how I can make a difference and turn the crisis into an opportunity, or I learn from every situation and mistake.” Since starting his business life with his wife, Asli Tracan, a successful businesswoman, he has recorded significant success in his businesses and investments.

Journeying on the entrepreneur-investor path means that Uğur Aslan takes each opportunity that comes to him, sees the benefits it can have on other people, and invests in such opportunities to create value.

The Proterra Cosmetics Brand’s success is based on many factors, but a reason that stands out amongst many is the founder’s desire to create value. The entrepreneur-investor thinks about what kind of times we are in, how it affects us as people, the country, and the world, and the opportunities such times present to us.

About owning a business in the cosmetics industry, Uğur Aslan, the co-founder of Proterra Cosmetics, says, “I realized that it is a growing sector, and there is a huge need in this field.” He decided to create value with clinically tested Proterra Cosmetics products.

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