Meet Influential Social Worker Syed Mohammad Anas And His NGO Philoverphobia

Syed Mohammad Anas
Syed Mohammad Anas

The life of a social worker is not easy, but how will change be possible if no one comes forward, so influential young social workers like Syed Mohammad Anas who are still working in the interest of society, enable people to be happy Are able to support them for a life as possible.

Syed Mohammad Anas is a young and visionary social worker, born in the city of Ghatkopar, Mumbai, Maharashtra. He is a sinister lion when it comes to social activism. He always talks of helping the young and the needy. No matter how big you feel, your problem is that you should never give up. If you are doing something that benefits society, then see how you do it. Due to their hard work and determination to help people in need, they have set up their NGO Philoverphobia, an NGO that is one of the largest social welfare groups for children, youth and poor people in India.

2020 was bad year for almost every individual due to Covid – 19. Everybody, from the rich to the poor, was badly affected by domestic work, where the daily wage laborers and low-paid workers get help, a large section of India’s poor has been badly affected by the lockdown. At a time when social activist Syed Mohammad Anas took a major initiative to provide basic food supplies and masks along with security to tackle some problem, poor people could easily escape as they were unable to meet basic needs.

Syed Mohammad Anas, through his NGO Philoverphobia, also seeks to partner with more like-minded youth in their mission to develop a society in which all are treated equally. He also wants to completely eliminate all forms of discrimination and has come as a ray of hope for the needy, so that all people who are part of the society can live with respect.

Syed Mohammad Anas actively participated in every social work and has also taken forward many social movements for the benefit of the people. For him, social work is his priority. It is because of this nature that they are well respected in the urban community and they are widely recognized and considered one of the most powerful emerging names among the youth.

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