Ziya Aliyev, MD of Boxing Stars Management Has Changed The Entire Scenario Of The Sport For Better In Azerbaijan

Ziya Aliyev

If you believe that sports events happen successfully only because of how good the players are, you are mistaken. To set-up any match or sports event, a great managing team is required. When it comes to boxing, extra care needs to be taken as the sport has fans all over the world. But when the management provides the best help to the boxers, matches and even in promotions, one doesn’t need to worry. In Azerbaijan, the scenario has become much better in the boxing world from the day Ziya Aliyev became the representative.

Ziya Aliyev, a name that everyone knows in the boxing world is the Managing Director of Boxing Stars Management in Azerbaijan. Boxing is an important sport in the country so it is necessary to have the boxers updated with everything, given enough security when they step out in public and the matches end up with no scene. Ziya focused nature and seriousness towards his responsibilities play a great role in most of it.

As an MD, Ziya Aliyev has been handling some of the world’s greatest players. Whether it’s 2016 Olympic gold medalist Daniyar Yeleusinov from Kazakhstan or two time Olympic bronze medalist Ivan Dychko, Ziya is looked after them. Some other known boxers who are in awe of the Boxing Stars Management because of Ziya is three time world champion Magomedrasul Majidov.

When you do your job well, people will always talk about you. Well, that’s exactly what happened with Ziya. Praises of how he changed the entire picture of the boxing world in Azerbaijan spread like wildfire. In no time, brands started approached him to collaborate with promotions with the boxing stars. Some of the brands that he has collaborated are Matchroom boxing, Top Rank, Golden Boy and Premier Boxing Championship, Sphere of influence Professional boxing, MMA, Football. He is also the Vice President of the Azerbaijan Professional Boxing Federation. Last year, amid the pandemic, first boxing event was held in September with all the precautions. It was called ‘Professional Boxing Evening’. Ziya Aliyev made a special contribution to the contributor of this successful event.

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