Being at the Top of Your Game is a Daily Endeavor, Says Obaid Belresheed

Being at the Top of Your Game is a Daily Endeavor, Says Obaid Belresheed

It is 4:00 am. Business magnate Obaid Belresheed is at his office checking an endless list of emails. His secretary will arrive in a few hours with more briefings. As the owner of multiple large businesses, for Obaid, this is his everyday routine.

“The summit is a place coveted by many but conquered by a few,” says Obaid. Why is that? “Well, because, people think that success is a destination. Success is not a destination. It is the journey. In a generation addicted to social media-induced dopamine rush, people are looking for instant gratification. They lack the stamina to hold a thought for longer durations. They get distracted and abandon their dreams even before they start on the journey.” says Obaid.

Obaid’s business interests run far and wide, from automobile to fashion and Infotech. He manages a number of heavyweight businesses. Working on such a varied portfolio on a daily basis has given him a unique perspective to navigate the marketplace with creativity.

But how does he pack so much in a day? “In any given profession success is experienced by those who focus on staying fit and prepared for the game. Life can throw anything at you without warning. Are you prepared to catch it and make the best of it? Being prepared is half the job done. I stay prepared all the time. And that’s how I am able to do what I do. There are many people who do unbelievable things like walking on a tightrope across two skyscrapers or pulling a truck with their mustache. I am like one of them. With sheer will, strict discipline, and sound values I attend to my duties with joy every single day” says Obaid.

Young businessmen today have a strong online presence. This helps them stay closer to the pulse of the market. Amidst his busy day, Obaid makes time to meet with his digital marketing team to take stock of matters. “If you cannot be consistent and interesting with your content online, it is better not to be online,” he says. He and his team work hard every single day to engage with their customers in meaningful ways.

A successful experience can be both encouraging and complacency-inducing. Obaid says, ‘Success is short-lived. To be at the top of your game is to show up every day and really work hard. His words are an energy booster for entrepreneurs. We thank Obaid and wish him all the success.

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