Obaid Belresheed Reflects on His Journey from Starting in 2001 to Building One of the Largest Global Conglomerates

Obaid Belresheed

Everyone loves stories. The ones we love the most are those that show us how a successful life unfolds. A tenacious will, a strong dose of passion, a desire to touch the sky, these ideas have inspired many stories and several generations. The new millennium, barely two-decades-old, has witnessed some of the greatest stories of our time. One of them might well be of Obaid Belresheed, or OB as he is popularly known in the UAE. As he reflects on his journey from starting in 2001 to building one of the largest global conglomerates, several useful insights can be emulated to help chase your dreams.

Obaid was born in a royal UAE family on 16th November 1980. He didn’t have to look very far from the well-manicured gardens of his palatial home to find inspiration. Everyone in his family was a devoted visionary. In them, he found all the motivation he’d ever need to succeed as an entrepreneur.

With time he realized that his biggest passion lay in the finesse of architecture. The “bold curves, the rising scrapers, the head-turning designs” appealed to him for their perfection and beauty. Driven by his passion, he established the Belresheed Real Estate Company in 1993. Today it has, “become one of the leading real estate companies in UAE.” OB reminisces, “those were the best days, they were days of uncertainty and possibilities born out of uncertainties. It was like constantly being on edge. It grounded me in the realities of the world and drove me to succeed.”

For OB, success with one company wasn’t enough. He was still in his 20s when he decided to expand his business across several industries and verticals.” He added, “Once the real estate company took off, I knew the fire in me had only started. So I decided to continue looking at life from the edge of my seat. I decided to add more business to my real estate company and challenged myself that they all will be nothing short of exceedingly successful.” Obaid’s confidence in himself and his abilities bore fruit. The royal businessman soon created a sensation in the construction industry in 2004 with his company Belresheed Building Contracting. Next came Auto Deals, and given his undying love for luxury cars, it was a roaring success. Auto Deals has been one of Dubai’s foremost luxury automobile dealers since the past decade and has successfully provided an extensive choice of new and used luxury cars.

These businesses ran simultaneously and scaled up exponentially. Obaid took further strides towards his ambition to build a successful conglomerate. Soon the Belresheed group ventured into security services to provide their customers’ guaranteed peace of mind. After this came, Al Mazaya travel and tourism. It’s said that Al Mazaya is the result of Obaid’s love for luxury travel. He wanted to share with others the luxury that he has grown to love.

All in all, Obaid Belresheed is the triumphant owner of several large businesses across the UAE. With over 1700 employees and a glistening roster of clients, he has proved that persistence and passion are the cornerstones of success. His journey is both unique and inspiring.

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