How Long Does the Beer Last in the Keg?


All professional and amateur beer brewers know that beverage production is a complex multilevel process. To produce high-quality beer, it is necessary to follow the instruction step-by-step and control all brewing stages. However, crafting the beer is only half the battle because it is essential to ensure the right conditions of its storage. In addition, it is important to provide a convenient system of beer dispensing and serving. So, to cope with the beer saving successfully, you should choose stainless steel beer kegs for sale.

How Long Does the Beer Last in the Keg?

A beer keg is indispensable equipment for your pub or bar. This tool is a barrel, which is made of solid stainless steel. Kegs are used for beverage saving and pouring. The pouring process is possible due to the peculiar structure of a keg. It has a massive straw inside, which draws beer from the barrel bottom. Therefore, any single beer drop cannot get to the tap.

In case if it comes to the phase when the keg cannot push the beverage up, special gas motors drive beer out of the barrel. Usually, providers use gas like carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen.

Different steel beer kegs are similar in the working principle but differ from each other in their connection to the tap. There are three common variants:

  • “clamp and twist”

  • “insert and twist”

  • “slide”

Beverage kegs are durable tools. You can save pasteurized beer in such kegs for 3-4 months. An unpasteurized draft beverage will stay fresh and usable in a special barrel for 6-8 weeks.

It is convenient that you can choose the keg of a necessary size:

  • Half-barrel (15.5 gallons/58.67 liters)

  • Quarter-barrel (7.75 gallons/29.34 liters)

  • 1/6 barrel (5.17 gallons/19.57 liters)

Additionally, there three keg types:

  • Stainless steel cask barrel

  • Stainless steel Cornelius ball lock keg

  • Standard keg

Therefore, it is possible to select a keg in accordance with your current business demands.

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