Dubai’s Lieutenant Colonel Masoud Alhammad’s Love For Exotic Animals Sees Him Expand His Wildlife Park. Read To Know!

Lieutenant Colonel Masoud Alhammad
Lieutenant Colonel Masoud Alhammad

Every person has an unusual obsession with different things and beings. The excitement of owning exotic pets is something that very few people have heard. It requires great courage to be friends with wild animals. With proper training and guidance, even exotic animals can be human’s best friends. One man has proved it right by living a lavish lifestyle amidst the exotic animals. Lieutenant Colonel Masoud Alhammad, the Vice Chairman of the Dubai Police Committee owns a variety of exotic animals in his posh abode in the Middle East.

His endless love for exotic animals saw him transform the home garden in Sharqan, Sharjah into a public zoo. Masoud Alhammad has indeed created a lively atmosphere in the zoo by having flora and fauna. While a few flowers at his park have been imported from other countries of the world, the zoo has got rare animals including Cheetah, Lion, White Tiger, Albino Owl, Komodo Dragon, Great Hornbill, Albino Leopard Cat, Ring-Tailed Lemur and many more.

The zoo that had started with a small area has become a large home to many animals now. Masoud’s strong attachment to animal husbandry and love for plants has made the park a must-visit place for all wildlife lovers. The best thing about the exotic animals at his park is that all the creatures are professionally trained. “Under the trainer’s guidance, we let a few of our guests play with the exotic animals. However, many fear these animals haha”, said Mr Masoud.

Besides this, the park that was once limited to 2,600 square feet is now expanded by thousands of square feet. Mr Alhammad has made sure to follow all the health and safety precautions for the guests visiting the wildlife park. During the lockdown because of the COVID-19 epidemic, the park had become aloof with no guests visiting. However, with the situation being controlled, there have been many guests visiting Masoud Alhammad’s park to spend time with the rare exotic species of the world.

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