Edmund Coutan Is Leaving No Stone Unturned to Make Apricot Solar a Billion-Dollar Company

Edmund Coutan Is Leaving No Stone Unturned to Make Apricot Solar a Billion-Dollar Company
Edmund Coutan

Solar energy is the way to tap into the powers of the sun to light up the human life. An idea which is backed heavily by technology and the need to reduce our carbon footprint, it has now appealed to the sensibilities of the world’s expanding mindset. Yet, the goal is far from achieved. People are still to understand why this modern solution is better than the more traditionalist approach to everyday living. Apricot Solar’s Edmund Coutan attempts to be the harbinger of this paradigm shift. Today and in the years to come, Edward wants to leave no stone unturned to make Apricot Solar a billion-dollar company.

Edward was born in France in 1988. After his family migrated to America when he was 5 years old, Edward felt something new stir within him. He recalls, “I was the new kid in the block, in the school, everywhere. But I was quick to realize that I needed to double my efforts to blend in if I wanted to immerse in this new exciting culture.” This desire helped Edward develop a sense of discipline towards life that has stood him in good stead ever since. He’s a man of value and a businessman of ethics. He says, “Success is all about taking the right decisions at the right time. For me, the direction for the right decision comes from a moral ground. It’s pretty much the reason why I chose to get involved in building green energy and exploring power-saving ideas in a world where we are still grappling with greed, ignorance and a poor sense of the world we live in.”

Although a part of a typically traditional industry, Edward strives to keep Apricot Solar ahead in the game by keeping up with the fast-paced digital world. He adds, “The digital world is here to stay and it’s going to become what we make of it. Personally, I like to use the online platforms like Facebook and YouTube to reach out to a wider audience. I believe concerned individuals are present all over the world. In fact, their numbers might be greater than we imagine. All we need to do is make ourselves available to them. We need to tell them and show them that their concerns can be put to rest and they themselves can participate in making the world a better place.”

Edward believes in the power of social media and other digital platforms to bring his dreams to life and make solar power an everyday thing for all.

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