Diego Granese establishes the billionaire group in Dubai


    Diego Granese is an Italian business person and influencer dynamic in numerous areas.

    At the top of Dubai’s biggest counseling firm, and with numerous possessions in global brands, they invested constantly!

    Diego Granese was brought into the world in Vigevano (Italy) on September 28, 1990. Diego Granese is an Italian business person and influencer dynamic in numerous areas.

    He began by opening a rec center and now possesses a chain of rec centers rang Fit Europe. He has established numerous new businesses including Aviva Wines, a main brand in the shimmering wine area, creating bright wines renowned everywhere in the world.

    He generally needed to be a business visionary since he was a kid he considered some fresh possibilities, indeed at one point, he began to go seriously at school since he was exhausted. At the point when he started his first business, everything changed, and afterward, he never halted from that point.

    Today He moved his UAE counseling firm to Dubai, calling it Billionaire Group. Until now, his center business is internationalizing organizations, opening organizations in Dubai and in nations with financed tax collection, and giving home licenses. Furthermore, He deals with all his different organizations in Italy and around the globe yet just as an investor

    All of you can follow him on Instagram @diegogranesereal

    He has his own holding with which he made speculations and opened exercises in a few areas. Presently he has focused his center business on the worldwide expense guide, he has moved his counseling organization to Dubai and called it Billionaire Group. His organization manages business internationalization, opening organizations in Dubai and in nations with the encouraged tax assessment, and acquiring home licenses. In January he will forever move to Dubai to live by offering consultancy administrations to individuals and organizations who need to move to the nation with financed tax collection. Diego keeps every one of his exercises yet is committing himself to this new project. In Italy he is celebrated for being locked into models and TV showgirls, he showed up a couple of months prior on Italian TV for tattle about an acclaimed model. Energetic about skeet shooting and dynamic shooting, he will move his business place to Dubai by introducing the BILLIONAIRE GROUP central command on January 20.

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