Blvck Paris Launches A New Line Of Products In The Digital Space

Blvck Paris
Blvck Paris

Recently Blvck Paris came under the spotlight, for their exquisite services as a lifestyle and clothing stores. The brand decided to enter the digital space while staying true to its vision. In addition to the clothing, leather goods, and other lifestyle accessories, the brand wanted to incorporate their idea of, ‘All black everything’ into creating digital products for their customers. Blvck Paris is well known for building a strong community and its brand value. The brand often drop unexpected items for their customers every season. The most recent ones are part of their digital line, the ‘Blvck iOS14 icons set’ to customize your iOS home screen and turn it black. The brand has more exciting items coming out in 2021 in the digital space.

Blvck Paris was founded by French designer and entrepreneur, Julian O’hayon. In the year 2017, Julian started his journey through social media. Though his vision was clear, he didn’t want to make a hasty decision. Gradually after creating a fan following of 100k on Instagram, he decided to launch some of his products under the brand name. It was an imminent success when the brand went viral. People loved the concept of having their day-to-day lifestyle products in the shade of black with other services. His designs quickly went viral on social media, spurring an influx of followers globally with particular traction in the US and Asia. This is when he knew, he had a concept and wanted to explore it further. At the end of 2017, the brand, Blvck Paris was officially born out of Julian’s dual obsession with design and color black.

The brand is involved in providing visual content as well as merchandise, as they strive to be the king of aesthetics and pioneers of an impressive and new-age fashion. Blvck Paris has been credited for creating a cultural shift in the fashion industry. While the color black was mainly associated with the Gothic style, the brand introduced it in the generic market and made traditional fashion obsolete.

The concept of Blvck Paris stands out, as it focuses on bringing a diversified range of products with innate design and black as the choice of color. Their tagline, “It is more than a color, it is a lifestyle.’ suffices the entire idea behind the brand. In July 2020, Blvck Paris launched their first pop-up store in Taipei, Taiwan. After seeing its huge success, the brand launched its second physical location in the prestigious department store in Taipei. The aesthetics and distinct services at their store create an obvious attraction.


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