Founder and CEO of BlueMagic Group Pasquale Minasi Helps Restore Peoples’ Confidence With Hair Transplants

    Pasquale Minasi
    Founder and CEO of BlueMagic Group Pasquale Minasi Helps Restore Peoples’ Confidence With Hair Transplants

    Italian entrepreneur Pasquale Minasi may only be 27, but he has already angel invested in 103 startups and has established his own hair transplant clinic. As the Founder and CEO of BlueMagic Group, Pasquale has helped countless people get back their hair and confidence.

    Getting his start at the young age of 20, Pasquale was entrepreneur-minded from the start. He made his way up the ladder of success at a global real estate firm while in London after leaving his native Naples. He quickly became somewhat of a real estate selling genius, becoming called the Italian Cowboy in the office.

    A few years later, Pasquale had decided that his thinning hair was something he wanted to nip in the bud and prevent from becoming worse. He firmly believed that it would be possible to reverse it and restore his hair to what it used to be. After going through hair transplant surgery, Pasquale regained his hair and confidence. This experience had a profound effect on him. He realized what he wanted to focus on, which was to help as many people as possible get their hair and confidence back as well.

    Today, Pasquale speaks with full conviction about the benefits of a hair transplant intervention. No longer do people have to accept their fate of going bald. It’s possible, thanks to cutting-edge techniques and technologies, to restore hair that looks natural and full.

    As the man behind BlueMagic Group, Pasquale currently runs a hair transplant clinic located in Istanbul, Turkey. He manages to be a leader who is always encouraging his employees to express their full potential and think as entrepreneurs do. He believes this encourages progress, innovation, and better service.

    Today, BlueMagic Group Clinic is one of the leaders of the hair transplant industry. There are three major hair transplant procedures used.  A consultation is conducted with each client before a specific procedure is decided on.

    One is FUE Sapphire transplant surgery, which involves follicular units holding 1-4 hairs being extracted from some area like the neck or back of the head, and implanted into a thinning area. Another is the DHI + Choi Pen method. Direct Hair Implantation uses specially designed implanter pens to extract hair follicles from an area to implant them into a thinning area, one by one. Choi Pen technology is used to implant the actual hair follicles into the scalp, leaving a natural-looking transplant. The third method used is PRP therapy. This procedure stimulates hair growth by injecting platelet-rich plasma from the blood directly into the scalp, encouraging hair follicles to grow, and do so quickly.

    The hair transplant option is appealing to people who have suffered hair loss due to things like lifestyle diseases, genetics, stress, lack of vitamins, and unhealthy nutrition. While there are new treatment methods constantly being researched and developed, the most effective and certain solution for hair loss is still a hair transplant procedure.

    To date, BlueMagic Group has successfully completed over 21,000 hair transplants. Every single procedure and treatment has excelled in its league, providing satisfaction to every patient. As a company that knows just how life-changing a hair transplant can be, it is fully committed to giving its patients a safe, comfortable, luxurious, and unforgettable experience from start to finish.

    From the moment a client has their initial consultation, to the time when they have their post-operative check-up, BlueMagic Group ensures they receive high-quality service. Pasquale and his clinic believe strongly in the long-term effectiveness of the procedures and treatments, and guarantee your hair will never fall out again.

    With satisfied customers from all over the world, it looks like Pasquale has found a way to safely and effectively restore other peoples’ hair and confidence.

    If you are interested in getting back the full head of hair you used to have, but are unsure of how to proceed, you can receive a free consultation from BlueMagic Group. During your consultation, you will learn about how the hair transplant would go. This will help you understand the complete details about your best treatment and procedure options.

    With the revolutionary hair transplant techniques used by BlueMagic Clinic available to you, there is no need to life out the rest of your life with confidence issues. You could get that full head of hair you used to have restored, along with your confidence.

    To learn more about Pasquale Minasi’s BlueMagic Group Clinic, you can head over to the official website. You can also follow Pasquale on Instagram @pasqualebmg and head over to his website to learn more about this entrepreneur.

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